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  • How gaming on the Mac is getting better with macOS Ventura

    Unfortunately, I share the pessimism of most commentators here.  There’s been no rush to adopt Apple silicon versions for games that already have Intel Mac versions, let alone those that aren’t on the Mac at all.

    The games that do tend to get Mac versions are usually low-complexity Unity games like various indie titles and other simple board and card games and the like.  Unity itself seems to be the poor-man’s (person’s) engine anyway.  AAA studios usually use their own.

    Cutting support for external video cards has made the situation even worse.  So while the M chips have pretty good graphics compared to Intel integrated, it doesn’t seem to be enough to be altering the gaming environment on Mac.

    Even Apple Arcade, which I think was a good idea and showed some promise initially, seems to be floundering with a relatively low rate of new titles and most of these are fairly budget-looking mobile-type games as it is.
  • Apple TV with A14 & new HomePod with Apple Watch S8 chip rumored for 2023

    So they’ll replace a soon-to-be 4 year-old chip that first appeared in 2018 iPhones with a 2 year-old chip that debuted in 2020… in 2023?  And they call that caring about the product and moving it forward?  That’s just laughable.

    Is the Apple TV the designated product for chips they source from recaptured old phones?  That’s the only justification I can think of other than extreme profiteering and taking their customers for idiots.  I’m not buying an AppleTV that has a several-years-old chip even when it’s first launched.  Seriously Apple, what gives?

    You could say the A12 already handles video streaming functions at 4K, and it does, so why do you need anything more?  But video streaming isn’t the only thing to consider.  There’s also efficiency and as others have said the potential for gaming that is being left to flounder if not die off on the device completely.
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  • 'M1X' MacBook Pro set to arrive in 'several weeks'

    So my 16” MacBook is finally going to be significantly deprecated?  Oh well, it’s been a good run: nearly 2 years as the current model, and is still good for many things, especially productivity applications.

    I also use Windows a lot.  Probably more than macOS these days.  I play some PC games, so perhaps I shouldn’t feel so bad.  I just know that the new screen and a cooler, quieter, snappier, laptop with significantly longer battery life will give me hardware envy.

    It’ll be very interesting to see how certain Windows games perform in Parallels: which perform better; and which worse or don’t work at all compared to the previous MacBook running them natively in Boot Camp.  I’ve played Death Stranding in Windows and though the MacBook throttles heavily at times due to a flawed and insufficient cooling system (yeah, none of the big YouTube Apple shills like MKHD, iJustine etc mentioned that), it was still playable.
  • Apple fires employee who spoke out on workplace issues, cites alleged leak

    What she describes sounds (unfortunately) typical of most corporates and is very believable.  I can imagine working for an employer that has such a comprehensive—even overwhelming—employee monitoring capability, and an internal crack squadron of “ threat officers” (the so-called Apple Police) would be stressful, even without employer problems.  You’d want to consider that when negotiating a salary with Apple, that’s for sure.

    Not convinced airing your grievances on Twitter is the right approach, however.
  • Definitely not-CGI 'Ted Lasso' actor says he is a 'normal human man'

    That’s something a CGI cyborg would say.