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  • Apple releases iTunes 12.5.5 with minor performance improvements

    lkrupp said:
    iTunes working perfectly. I strongly disagree with those who claim it is a bloated mess. iTunes does what it was designed is advertised to do. I have no issues with it and I’m probably in the majority. As usual the perpetually dissatisfied crowd constantly bashes it while most us just go about using and enjoying it.
    Lucky you eh! I don't often make comments on AI but in this case, you have no issues, really? Gosh. My situation is not meant to represent the majority but I have problems with the latest build daily. Since updating I often have to force quit the application because it fails to respond. As far as I can remember I didn't have this issue with previous versions, only after I chose to update. Actually, I regret updating as this problem is really annoying. It seems to happen when my computer goes to sleep and when it wakes up I find iTunes is not responding. My other applications seem to work fine when my computer wakes up. Yes, I could change the settings to prevent my computer from sleeping. But iTunes should work properly. And in the past I've had several other issues with iTunes but for now I won't go there. I can say, though, that when it works it works quite well.

    One other quirk that is somewhat irritating in the later versions is that I can't pause iTunes playback or skip tracks using the pause key and arrow shortcuts on F7, F8 and F9 keys when iTunes is in miniplayer mode unless miniplayer is on top of other applications, which I don't always want. Often I like listening to music while I'm doing other stuff and I don't want the miniplayer getting in the way. My workaround is not to use miniplayer and minimize the iTunes window, but this is not ideal for my situation. A firstworld problem, yes, but this didn't used to be a problem in earlier builds. So 2 examples that tells me iTunes could do with some improvements.