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  • Apple's Mac mini now inexcusably getting trounced by cheap Intel hardware

    emoeller said:
    I've not seen a compelling reason for me to own a mini.  That said, and not straying too far from topic, I can't help but look around and see all of my various devices (iPhones, iPads, laptops, AppleTV's etc, etc) and wonder why I really need so many independent devices.    With the dramatic speed improvements in wifi/mesh networks ( and soon 5G) coupled with the huge increases in processing capabilities it just seems to me that if someone could come up with a way to share computing power between existing devices we would all end up with more efficiency and less duplicative hardware.  If each of the processors (many of which are already multi-core) could be arranged for parallel shared computing and that could also be shared with cloud computing power we could have small, highly efficient devices with limitless computing capabilities.  

    Back in the day when the mini first came out I thought that was the way personal computing was going to go (smaller form factor with increased computational sharing via then early versions of wifi).
    I think it was JLG in his Monday Note that looked at the amount of $$ being spent internally; something like $26 billion. I don't who or what you are, that's an enormous pile of cash. He said that always translates to a new product. What that product or service is is not known yet. But, I seriously am intrigued w/ the above. Fact is, the processing power for conventional laptops & desktops is pure overkill for 90% of users who are reading email, looking at webpages, or writing a simple document. Is there a unifying device or topology that can pull together all the iDevices and maybe cast the output to a video screen like a TV?  Seems like a the Mini was being touted at one time as a parallel processing workhouse--using Netboot off an Xserv but that was primarily scientific in nature. But it doesn't seem a stretch to combine the processing of all iDevices.