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  • Samsung names Taemoon Roh as new smartphone chief

    Cool name. 🙂
    I thought so too, sounds like a character from an Asimov story.
  • Apple's FileMaker, Inc brings back the old Claris name

    deanbar said:
    sblife said:
    This article does not say one word about ClarisCAD. MacDraw and the DRAWING arm of the Mac was a big lure in the early days.
    Yes, I’m surprised there was no mention of ClarisCAD, I bought our first Macs in ‘89 for my small engineering company, complete with FM Pro and shortly after, ClarisCAD. It was years ahead of its time, so easy to use and powerful, such a crying shame that Apple stopped supporting it so soon afterwards, sadly like so many other good apps from Apple. Unfortunately it didn’t fit in with Apple’s future, and business demands to continually update software and future proof, which has never been Apple’s cup of tea.

    We were able to use ClarisCAD up until I retired in 2003. RIP ClarisCAD.

    I used Claris Cad a lot in the early 90’s, it was great and very intuitive, but they had to cease when a program called Minicad showed that a lot of Claris Cad code was based on it. We then shifted to Minicad which was just as simple to use but with 3D uses + lots more. That software changed its name to Vectorworks which I still use 8 hours a day. Some of the shortcuts I still setup and use in Vectorworks go back to those I used in Claris Cad.
  • A new iPod Touch is coming soon, if the rumor mills are correct

    paul k said:
    I have an 33 year old Autistic son who has been using an iPod Touch for years. He is non-verbal and uses the iPod Touch for communication via apps and pictures. My son also uses the iPod Touch for entertainment. He plays simple games, interacts with various animated story books, and watches various videos that I purchased or transfered to the iPod Touch. He also has an iPad but the Touch is much more portable. I place the iPod in a waterproof case with an external battery. He then uses a lanyard to wear it around his neck. My wife and I have already discussed it and we would love to get our son an updated iPod Touch.
    Thank you Paul for your story, a wonderful case of technology assisting people with needs. I hope someone from Apple (and other tech companies) reads your post, and shows their managers (ie. pushes it up to people who make decisions). All the best to you.
  • Mark Zuckerberg calls Tim Cook's anti-Facebook retort 'glib,' defends ad-based model

    georgie01 said:
    Zuckerberg says... "The truth is, we could make a ton of money if we monetized our customer —if our customer was our product,"

    The quote is by Tim Cook, not Zuckerberg.

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  • Apple's Macs and iPads fall to third place in US classroom use

    Macs cost one-third as much as Windows PCs for companies to run, says IBM's IT guy

    Macs are up to $543 cheaper than Windows PCs, says IBM
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