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  • China's Xiaomi shows off new $460 4K camera drone

    foggyhill said:
    icoco3 said:
    And that is against the law to fire upon an airborn vehicle.  Check the laws as the FAA says so.

    And if I am in the right to fly it, what right do you have to interfere?  As long as I am not over your property, below a certain height which I can't recall, I would be in the right.  Although, etiquette says to stay away from places you should not be.
    I've had several drones pass over my property just in the last god damn month; soon they're going to be "accidentally" destroyed on sight if I'm there to catch them.

    Last year, happened once that I know about; this year, so many times already that I've using my security cameras to count and ID them.
    There are seemingly 3 dumbass culprits and I'm now trying to track them down.

    I'm not going to stand having swarms of giant mosquitoes flying by!

    You must have an amazing security system if you are able to spot these things in the sky. *rolls eyes* How effective is it at security if it's pointed up? * rolls eyes*

    Here's the thing. If they are passing over your house, it's no different than cars driving past your house. Have you ever seen the footage from a consumer drone? Anything higher than 50 ft and you look like ants anyway. If people REALLY wanted to spy on you (and do you *really* think that highly of yourself that you are interesting enough to be spied on) do you think they'd use a contraption that make a lot of noise, has blinking lights, and might as well scream "hey, look at me up here!!!"? No, they would use a DSLR camera with a telephoto lens. They would use binoculars. They would use a smartphone. They would use hidden cameras. You wouldn't even know they're there.

    Modern satellites can already see the tiniest of details. You are on camera every time you go out in public. Hell, even my car has front/rear DVR as will most other cars in the future. The places to be nervous about are the places you think you aren't being watched, like changing rooms and bathrooms.

    And if you do decide to take matters into your own hands, you're in for a world of legal hurt as drones have the same protection as commercial flights.

    If someone is hovering 20 feet over your property, that's a different matter. I'd follow it back to its owner and let them know the concern. They'll either stop flying over your house or they can show you what the drone sees to put your mind at ease. But if it's just passing over your house to get from point a to point b it's probably just some kid (like me) just flying around.