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  • Snapchat begins online sales of iPhone-connected Spectacles

    Kids will buy them because for some bizarre reason they like Snapchat. Incidentally, the name of the company is Snap, their service is Snapchat.
  • iPhone camera maker Sony introduces new optics capable of 1000fps full HD slow motion vide...

    rob53 said:
    Good for Sony. Now they need to create a true optical zoom capability that's more than the "standard" lens on the iPhone 7 Plus. Get the interface between the camera's DRAM and the iPhone storage going at the highest speed possible and this configuration could create a viable videographer's tool for a real movie.
    The iPhone has already been used to create "real movies" (and one was even nominated for an Academy Award, for whatever that's worth).
  • Apple still acquires 15-20 companies per year, Cook says no size is too large to consider

    ireland said:
    Acquire Netflix Tim.

    Culturally, Apple will likely never understand how to produce new content as well as Netflix, without acquiring them. It's not Apple's forte, at all. Acquire Netflix, let them run independently of Apple and have a over 2-year transition plan to rebranded and relaunch Netflix as "Apple TV" (the service). With special pricing for Apple customers and even better pricing if a person subscribes to both Apple TV & Apple Music. Along with all new redesigned, well designed, intuitive apps across a range of devices. It'd put AM and ATV (the puck) on the map over night—everyone would want an Apple TV. They could optionally intro a second option for ATV (the service)—a slightly higher pricing tier (above $9.99; 6-person family plan) with a 2-year contract for ATV with a free puck included ($14.99;  6-person family plan). AM family plan $14.99 also.

    Both streaming services together $24.99 per month ($29.99 minus the $4.99 combi-plan discount). Or without the complimentary puck and contract it's $19.99 per month for family ATV & AM.

    Concurrently, produce a truly great first party gaming controller at least as good as the Xbox and PlayStation controllers and beef up the processing and graphics power of the puck and lower the price to $99 (barely break even).

    Cut to 5 years from today, Apple own the living room and have moved past Spotify in music: they own web streaming of TV, music, are the go-to device for living room gaming and inadvertently a huge amount of people suddenly have a HomeKit hub in their home.

    Botton line: acquire Netflix Tim, otherwise these documentaries on AM are a distraction, Apple TV sales dwindle, AM subscriber numbers don't hockey-stick as they should and Apple has no viable steaming plan for TV.

    I sincerely mean this when I say if I was Apple and they could work out a deal to keep the content contracts Neflix already has in place I'd pay $100B for the company. When it comes to streaming TV or films there's Neflix and there's everyone else. They are in a league of their own. That and a decent gaming controller are what are holding back Apple TV from taking off and being truly desirable. When you own the platform you can price it lower on your box to entice sales of said box. And then a combined subscription plan for AM & ATV would be genius, but that only works if the "ATV" part in that combination is Netflix.

    It allows Apple to focus on what it's great at: hardware, apps, ease of use, and new products like Car. Just as if Apple were to go social in a meaningful way they should just buy Twitter, to take on video streaming meaningfully, Netflix is where it's all. Every film, TV show and doc series makers want to be on Netflix. It's the only game in town.
    The biggest problem with that would be the fact that none of the agreements the studios have with Netflix would survive the transfer of ownership. Without the content Netflix has created on their own, they have nothing to sell, other than a customer list.
  • South Korean court denies arrest of Samsung chief

    When the right bribes go in the right pockets, all charges suddenly disappear and no one remembers anything.
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  • Apple updates Logic Pro X with Touch Bar support, GarageBand for iOS with new options & in...

    spheric said:
    what about garageband on macOS?
    That got Touch Bar support about two months ago. Minor update available today; no Alchemy patches at this point, though.
    It has Alchemy now.