Microsoft's Danger SideKick data loss casts dark on cloud computing



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    Originally Posted by al_bundy View Post

    microsoft is saying they had backups, but can't access them for some reason

    To save money, MS probably did the backups with Windows ME.
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    bertpbertp Posts: 274member
    Originally Posted by Quadra 610 View Post

    All answers are there.

    Thanks for link. You have to wade through a lot of vitriol, but every once in a while a good tidbit comes along.

    I subscribe to MobileMe, but never have understood why some people think cloud computing is the wave of the future. I've read of situations where you can't easily discontinue a cloud service.

    It bothers me when data is collected on my shopping activities, or that you have to do an opt out of terms by an outfit professing concern for your well being.
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    As always, the post was very informative, but also contains some misleading suggestions..

    Google's excellent photoshop-elements-replacement "Picassa" is a photograph organization (and limited editing) application that utilizes LOCAL "my pictures" image storage, with an easy to use online photo gallery publishing element. It does NOT solely rely on cloud storage.

    Similarly, despite the fact that the Palm Pre's software platform was created for Javascript/HTML/CSS "applications", they run locally, not on the cloud, and are not lost if Palm's App store goes down.
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