any anime fans?

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I got into anime about 6 months sgo after watching Princess Mononoke. It's become something of a hobby since then, collecting fansubs and lusting after dvds.... My favorites are Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, Record of Lodoss War OVAs, Fruits Basket, and the first Kenshin OVAs. This kinda reads like an intro at AA (animeholics anonymous ), but I'll post it anyway. Any fans? Any favorites? Any skeptics?


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    Hello, Solishu. I recognize your name from ArsTechnica and ArsAnime.

    Some of my favorites are DUAL!, Nadesico, Ghost in the Shell, Lain, and Please Save My Earth.
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    Who are you at ArsAnime Babaramm?
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    thttht Posts: 4,756member
    My favorite is Ninja Scroll. Excellently animated, choreographed and produced.
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    <a href=" e=Imitation_Gruel" target="_blank">My ArsAnime profile (nickname is different)</a>

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    Ninja Scroll eh? That's a bit surprising from you THT. Great anime though.
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    Been a while since I've seen anything recent, but these are some of my favorites:


    Vampire Princess Miyu

    Bubblegum Crisis

    Bubblegum Crash

    Project Ako

    Oh My Goddess

    RG Veda

    Ninja Scroll


    Silent Mobius

    Anything in the "Mermaid" series

    Most of these are pretty old. I think there's a new "Bubblegum" series out, but I haven't seen it.
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    solishusolishu Posts: 124member
    Probably talking about Bubblegum Crisis 2040. I like it better than the original, but alot of people don't.
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    I was never a huge anime fan, however once in a while I come across something that blows me away. One such thing was Cowboy Bebop. Its kinda nonsensical at parts, its much like star trek in that its story is more episode based than continual, but over all I think its one of the best Ive seen. Its got insane animation (not Princess Mononokee insane, but...), the best music ive heard from a TV show, and really great characters, even if, as I said, it makes little sense at times (wanna explain the bitch tits part of Jupiter Jazz?).

    Oh well...

    Other than that Akira is cool, as is both Galaxy Express 999 (I think thats it) and Night on the Intergalactic Railroad (though the later is NOT for the easily bored, its got little action but GREAT scenes).

    Also check out some American Cartoons, there are a couple of good ones if you keep an eye out. One I would sugest is the Maxx, GREAT cartoon, real brain fcuk peice.
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    solishusolishu Posts: 124member
    Bebop is definitly one of the great series' to come out in the last couple years. And it's one of the few animes to come to the US with a decent (some say superior) English dub.
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    I just like cartoons and 3D animation of almost any kind. American cartoons have been pretty bad, in general, since Looney Tunes stopped. Japanese cartoons are even interesting when they're bad because the mechanical parts and machines tend to be drawn so well.

    The Japanese cartoons I like are the sci-fi ones because of the drawing and any plot that may or may not develop, and the really absurd ones, because I have a liking for absurd humor.
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    falconfalcon Posts: 458member
    Iv always been somewhat intrigued by Anime, and its visual style. While some interpretations of it like Dragon Ball Z are god awfull. I think I can understand why some people can become 'addicted' to Anime productions like Princess Mononoke.

    The only time that I ever got the Japanese/Anime bug was after watching Final Fantasy: The Sprits Within. While not really Anime per say it did have some of Anime's religious, moral, and philisophical views so to say in it. Though all Anime is different. I really really loved that film, and thought it was unfortunate what happened to it finnancialy and criticaly.

    Anyway since then the Japanese/Anime bug has faded for me.

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    And it's one of the few animes to come to the US with a decent (some say superior) English dub.

    WHAT!? Its dubbed? I always watched the subtitles which never work (Eds riddles come across as jibberish).

    However the visual style of it is so above and beyond everything that Ive seen. It even makes ghost in the shell, which I thought was great (visually, though its plot went nowhere), look like some bad transformers cartoon.

    As far as American cartoons are concerned, its mainly satirical. eg.

    The Simpsons

    The Tick

    The Family Guy (or at least the first 3 seasons)


    However The Maxx is a step beyond all that Ive seen. Like the Tick the main character is this dumbass super hero, but hes not played for the comic value (well not much) but rather for the image. The Maxx talks dumbly, and acts like a corney super hero, but it works. Its got the best animation, the best style, the best plot, and the best dialoge (mind you japanese translations can never have the best dialog IMO) of any cartoon, and most movies, that Ive seen.

    And as far as FF:TSW I think Ive finally found the one person who liked this movie. Personally I fel tthat it made little to no sense, the characters (with the exception of Cid) were all flat and... well... not even well dont flat, and the animation... it just didnt make it. I was more impressed with FightClub and What Dream May Come (best CG people out there, next to whomever did Lord of The Rings... WOW!)

    "Wasnt that interesting doc? Well you cant really say, your not all, as they say, here. Well some of you is here, but then some of you is over there, and some of you if over there..." - Mr. Gone, The Maxx
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    solishusolishu Posts: 124member
    If you want to watch the dub of Eebop, toolboi, check it out on Cartoon Network 11pm Central, Sunday and Thursday.
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    katekate Posts: 172member
    GunSmith Cats.

    Tenchy Muyo.

    All in original language, the dubbed versions are horrible because of improper voices!
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    falconfalcon Posts: 458member
    [quote] next to whomever did Lord of The Rings... WOW!<hr></blockquote>

    Director Peter Jackson and his company WETA. God I cant wait till Return of the King.

    And as for FF:TSW I didnt think the characters where flat, nor did I think that it made little or nor sense. It did require you to 'fill in' with your imagination at some times, but that isnt always bad. It was certainly the best CGI movie I have ever seen (beat the crap out of Shrek et all) and did leave a pretty big phycological mark on me, dont know why things just seemed to click when I watched it. The last scene was pure CGI goodness.
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    Alas Solishu, I live in Canada and dont get the Cartoon Network

    We have (had?) this great station called Teletoon which was similar to the cartoon network, then one day they decided to market almost exclusivley to kids under 13... (even on the "Teletoon for adults" section, basically that means that they show cartoons about college...).

    As for leaving you to "fill-in with your imagination", I usually enjoy that, but I think that they took it too far. And as far as the characters go, I think that the almost cartoon villany/stupidity of the general was kind of the point of death for my appreciation of the movie. When hes about to kill himself because his plans wiped out their city, then goes "naw, Ill just continue with my plans". As for the CG, I was expecting more, but it was quite good. Cid was AMAZING, though I thought that Aki and the guy looked rather... CG. Mind you, my direct comparison while watching it was Fightclub, which amazes me to this day with its CG scenes (Quote my friend "But they didnt have any special effects in Fightclub". Man was there anything that they didnt do well in that movie?). Mind you that was by the same academy award winning CG guys who did "What Dreams May Come" (Artisitcally[sp?] the best CG Ive seen to this day).

    Oh, and if you have the DVD can you check something for me? I could SWEAR that in the end I saw a bone (not a real bone, but a 3d objects bone) come out of Akis ass, around the scene where htey kill (?) the ghosts.
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    falconfalcon Posts: 458member
    There was a lot of speculation about that scene. Like when the ghost appeared to perhaps enter Aki's uterus, which was the first tenticle to turn blue. Perhaps Aki is pregnent, purhaps it has some deep mystic ties to the fact that she is a women, or maybe Square had to put some tenticle pr0n in there. I dont know. It was a confusing scene. But how in anyway shape or form could you diss the CG in that movie. There simply is no excuse, it was the best CG I have ever seen.

    As far as General Hein being over-zelous and stupid. Im not so sure. He realized the disaster that he had caused, and that the deaths of thousands of people where on his hands. Shown by the scene where he almost commits suicide, before he realized that maybe so good can come from his grave mistake. The tragedy is that Hein became so blinded by the loss of his family, and so zealous in his pursuit of killing the Phantoms. That he steped over the line, and instead became the very thing that he was trying to stop. Tords the end of the film he had obviously been drivin to a pure delusional state. Untill he blew up the station trying to fire one last shot against the Phatoms that had robbed him of more than just his family.

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    Awww, I dont diss the CG, it was ok, I just found that it ran into a wall. My problem with most CG is exactly what I had against FF. As it wasnt done to look artistic, and it doesnt look photorealistic, it kinda falls short.

    I for instance like Shrek quite a bit more in the animation department. Sure it wasnt as photorealistic, but it looked perfect for what it was. FF with its touted photorealism ended up looking less then was expected (did you see the clips on the FF site before the movie? Theyd tweaked them with photoshop to make it look better).

    I think that we cna all agree that those scenes mentioned should have been better clarified. Who knows, maybe the Japanese version made sense. Its much like my favorite anime, Cowboy Bebop, in that repect. CB had scenes that made ABSOLUTLEY NO sense to me or most of my friend, but my Japanese friend understood them instantly (the bitch tits episode any one?).

    maybe Square had to put some tenticle pr0n in there.

    La-Blue-Girl (It was my mishap to fall upon this bit of sorry anime back about 4 years ago, all I remember to this day is the tenticles... eeewwwwww).
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    Ghost in the Shell is very good. Check it out.
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    I was skeptical about this one at first, cause my two brothers both instantly fell in love with it after seeing like 2 episodes, and I'm not the type of person to fall into something that quickly...let me just tell you, after the first episode ended, I didn't leave the couch(short to get some more snacks and take a much needed leak) till the whole session one dvd was finished, I likewise wnt out and got sessions 2 and 3 and watched them all numerous times, and I've started watching it on cartoon network

    its the best anime I've seen in a while

    and personally the I feel that the dubbed version is WAY better than the subbed version. The chars is what makes the show so awesome(that plus the music)

    at any rate coming in at a close second

    is princess mononoke, I just can't get enough of this one, I must have watched the dvd(which I got the day it came out) 100 times

    now I'm no anime otaku or anything but I do enjoy it alot

    some other really good animes are

    the irresponsible captain tyler

    venus wars


    vampire hunter D

    robot carnival

    ninja scroll

    flame of recca

    lodoss war


    and a few others that I've seen are really godo too but I can't recall the titles

    but yea

    cowboy bebop is the superior anime, I think that in not having a continual storyline and being mroe based around individual episodes provides a more fulfilling and compelling experience when you watch even one episode

    and it fits with the whole nature of the show
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