Google Nexus One first week sales estimated at disappointing 20K



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    homiehomie Posts: 44member
    Originally Posted by applebook View Post

    Homie, you, along with every Android phone owner (except the Nexus One) have every right to be indignant. ...

    Apple knows how to run a business well.

    Actually, Apple has the second best software update strategy. Palm has the best. Monthly, over the air updates. Fantastic.

    Of course when there is only one manufacture of devices, it is pretty easy. But OTA updates that are pretty frequent are perfect.
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    Originally Posted by jfanning View Post

    So they didn't sell 50,000 units in one country like you claimed?

    What the dickens are you on about? The UK is one country!
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    Originally Posted by mrochester View Post

    What the dickens are you on about? The UK is one country!

    It?s been pointed to him already that the kingdoms were first united in the Act of Union in 1707. etc. That Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland, and Britain are all countries within the country the United Kingdom. He has an inability to conceive how something can have two titles or multiple names due to overlap. He?s been given references out the ass but he?s obviously chosen to ignore them. What can you do.
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