Apple sees tablet as one device shared by the whole family - WSJ



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    Originally Posted by 2 cents View Post

    Apple could give MS a kick in the pants and a whole new lease on life. They sure do need something.

    Boy, 13 years ago it was the other way around. Funny how things change. Although, I think MS still has enough money to not need Apple the way Apple needed MS back then.

    Perhaps this is what Bing needs, is a little touch of genius from Apple. Apple wouldn't need to make a new search engine, they could just fix what MS can't figure out: ease of use and relevancy. MS could handle the popularity (they are already marketing it and jam it down everyone with IE 8's throats), Apple to handle the backend and smarts. Competition is good for everyone.
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    Originally Posted by mrkoolaid View Post

    White unicorn with a black turtleneck?

    Sure, why not? The white unicorn will make his turtleneck stand out more.
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    I don't see anyone being able into talking their family into buying a $999 device even if they can share it. They will respond "you said we needed a Wii as well and since we have one you never played it and bought a PS3 to play solo"
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    Originally Posted by mrkoolaid View Post

    The why are these Dave Gee posts not deleted?

    Because I have a golden ticket THATS WHY!

    And to be fair... and on topic...

    One tidbit that was proportedly attributed to Apple has me wondering...

    "Apple sees tablet as one device shared by the whole family..."

    Does this sound like doubletalk for... "The price of the tablet is going to be far more expensive then many are predicting"
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    One rumor after another tries to stick to the wall. This one is no different... we'll see if it sticks, though. I'm extremely doubtful that Bing maps will be on the iPhone, since Microsoft just went to great lengths to showcase Bing on Silverlight... which, surprise, doesn't run well on Macs. Gotta think though, if it doesn't run well on Macs, how will it do on the iPhone? I fail to see how this would be even somewhat meaningful for Apple to put their limited resources behind, b/c there's no reason not to use Google unless you really feel you need a (possibly inferior) competitor to boost the state-of-the-art. And most people won't even notice the difference, so they'll just stick with the default anyway. Actually, what happened to the free turn-by-turn Google Maps directions rumored for the next iPhone OS release? Did that suddenly disappear after people got all riled up by Bing and trying to promote it?
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    I know I'm late to this party but...


    This Wall Street Journal article just stinks of the publisher Murdock and his desire to pull his content off Google in favor of the cash from Microsoft and Bing.

    Newpapers are dying and only 10% of people polled online are willing to pay for content.

    Even the New York Times is talking about going behind a paywall, they recently got a lifeline from that whale of a rich guy from Mexico, owns cell phones networks or something. Forget what.
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    Originally Posted by thrang View Post

    I wonder if this is a circuitous way of preparing the public for a higher-cost product than has been hoped for - $999 per person is nuts, but $999 for the "family" might be more marketable...

    Provided the cost is about $999 or above (YIKES!) then spinning it as a device for the whole "family" would make sense from a marketing perspective. IMHO.
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    Originally Posted by AngusYoung View Post

    I call BS on the entire Story.

    As Apple has said there is an App for that. Symplify Media.

    If AppleInsider Doesn't Publish This then I will log in under yet a new email address and keep telling the truth to the Kool Aid Drinkers.

    If Apple/AppleInsider can't do any better than a log in for security than Try checking My MAC address and current IP Address if you can't to Ban me Forever than neither AI or Apple should be in the cloud.

    It isn't that hard and you have to currently read every post to try and stop users like me. Get a real security system and Apple should do the same.[/

    Symplify Media Symplify Media Symplify Media Symplify Media Symplify Media Symplify Media

    Yeah. You don't drink any kool aid, do you?
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    1) It’s about time they used the domain. What better use than a browser-based version of iTunes?

    2) I think that sharing the tablet is one way to use the device, not the only intended way.

    3) Four to 6 shows per TV subscription may mean 1 popular show and 3 to 5 others they are trying to push for ratings.

    4) iPhoto has problems determining faces with crystal clear photos so I don’t know how a flash-less image from an unsteady tablet cam will fair any better. I recall no patents from Apple and no of no tech that would make this a real-world consumer feature.

    5) Of course is going to demo games on the device. Their iPhone and iPod events have been game heavy since the introduction of the SDK.

    6) 'Jobs allegedly wants to "help them by giving them new forms of distribution.”’ That line conjures this image…
    7) Mrkoolaid is Techstud new handle. Can we please stop replying to this troll, as well as Agnus Young. This site has been so much more civil lately, lets not spoil it, though it won’t hold past next Wednesday when a whole new horde of trolls joins AI. At least most of them won’t return the next day.

    8) I really hope they have worked with they have worked with textbook publishers -AND- have focused on making textbook annotations a powerful feature. Without that, I can’t see this being winning in that arena.

    PS: A new WebKit addition includes Ruby tags which can be very useful for textbook publications. Coincidence?

    Originally Posted by ApplePi View Post

    I just don't see this thing being a device you share with the family. Even if Apple intends it to be. We no longer live in the age of the family computer. We now live in the age of personal computers for everyone. Especially when we're talking about portable devices.

    In general, the tablet is a tough device. For some it might be great for digital textbooks, others as an internet-capable eBook on the night stand, be a source of news at the breakfast table, or be a general use device in the living room for magazines and more. I think this is real, not only because I’ve been predicting it, but because I don’t see how it can be successful if tries to focus a single user with specific usage habits. This is very different from what Apple usually releases, which may be why this was scraped in order to make the iPhone and is only now coming out years later. This is a tall order to try to a single device to mean so many different things to so many different people.


    Still hoping for stylus support. But starting to doubt it.

    I think this is inevitable. While virtually pointless for consumers on a 3.5” device there are many uses a stylus can useful on a 10” tablet, even if the main source of input is your fingers. Drawing diagrams and annotationing digital textbooks readily come to mind.

    Originally Posted by Gazoobee View Post

    The face identification/sharing stuff sounds like total BS to me. […] For starters, face recognition software just isn't that good.

    I agree. I don’t think that tech is ready from anyone. Perhaps they can make the backside touch panel figure out the user just by holding it. Even a fingerprint reader on the edge could be used for switching users, though I doubt that will happen.
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    Originally Posted by ApplePi View Post

    I just don't see this thing being a device you share with the family. Even if Apple intends it to be. We no longer live in the age of the family computer. We now live in the age of personal computers for everyone. Especially when we're talking about portable devices.

    However if you're talking about a new system that allows people to share stuff between multiple tablets, that's another story. Like some kind of proximity system that can detect tablets near each other and pass files between them. Like passing a virtual piece of paper from one tablet to another by swiping it from one device to the one next to it. That would be very cool.

    Still hoping for stylus support. But starting to doubt it.

    Agreed I don't see this device being shared amongst many people. There could however be a "guest" option, which would allow someone to use a single tablet with their room mates say to let them read a book you have or even a textbook without having to worry about them also gaining acess to your email or any other private info.

    As far as stylus is concerned there will be none, at least it won't come with one. Why? Cause capacitive screens have a hard time with styluses and because the tablet will be an "iPhone on steroids". In other words this will be a big iPod Touch with 3G data plan, my guess via 2 year contract with ATT. 3d party styluses will become available, cause there is a lot of research on capacitive styluses and how to make them better (including by apple).
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    Those who are reading too much into the "family" aspect of this device are near-sighted. Apple can't tell anyone what to do with the device. Use it with your family if you want...or don't. The most important piece of information here is that the family theme explicitly implies that there is something for everyone with this device.

    If you want to read newspapers, go for it.

    If you want to read novels, go for it.

    If you want to read textbooks, go for it.

    If you want to play games, go for it.

    If you want to surf the web, go for it.

    If you want to video conference, you can possibly go for it. If there is a camera for facial recognition, this means there is a forward facing camera that I am confident will be able to be used for video conference.

    If you want to do who knows what with it, go for it.

    Bottom line is that this device is going to serve MANY needs/wants, which is exactly what Jobs suggested a long time ago when he said that "e-readers are niche devices" or something to that effect.

    And those that say the kindle is better for reading because it is black and white, well...who's to say that you won't be able to read in black and white on the iPad? I would venture a guess and say that black and white will be an option for those who prefer it for certain features on the iPad.

    The versatility of this device is why it will win so many over. Sales should be "significant". When was it that Jobs predicted 10 million iPhone sales in the first year? Was it at the iPhone announcement event? If so, watch out for a similar announcement next week (albeit with probably a smaller projection number, but at a higher price point than the iPhone). If Jobs comes out and predicts more than a few million sold in the first year the stock should take off big time.
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    [CENTER]Bombshell... Really?

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    This is History in the Making. The product that will change home computing forever.

    This Category of product is what I call "TABSLATES" Bigger than an IPHONE and smaller that a LAPTOP. You will all be witnessing the changing of computer history with the launch of this product.

    Will soon be used for Textbooks in Schools, Your local newspaper will be delivered on it, eventually we will all be voting using this product among other things...."Tabslates are the new information source for everyone..Rumor has it that Apple's "TABSLATE" will probably be called IPAD and are projected to sell 10 MILLION in the FIRST YEAR..
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    I read on the website that apple is going to partner with verizon, and they will make u sign a 2yr contract at $60(with a $200 discount,OOOOOH!) a month,again KISS MY ASS
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    If the iPalette does just half the things that are rumored about it, then it's still going to be a remarkable machine.
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    Originally Posted by addabox View Post

    Oh, why stop there? Jimmy knows where Daddy keeps his guns and goes and gets the Glock and blows Daddy's head off, then Mommy goes insane and burns the house down.

    Happy now, Apple, you rat bastards?

    ya wat da f*** apple. Its not called the wePad g*d d*mnit - its the iPad and because of sending Jimmy and his family mixed messages look what you've done. Now little jimmy is chronically PMSed and he's coming after cupertino with his bloddied iPad and his iGlock.
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    Originally Posted by addabox View Post

    Oh, bullshit, they banned you because you're a fucking stupid asshole. I hope they do it again, and soon. Deal with it.

    not a very good post
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    Originally Posted by ApplePi View Post

    I just don't see this thing being a device you share with the family. Even if Apple intends it to be. We no longer live in the age of the family computer. We now live in the age of personal computers for everyone. Especially when we're talking about portable devices.

    Well not in our family. We share everything. We swap cars (both have memory buttons for seats etc) we share the Macbook, our PC (when I'm forced to as my wife is on the Macbook), I steal her iPod Touch when I want to play games....

    Why don't I get just two of everything? Well money of course. Most single earner families do not have the income to purchase his and her computers. The tablet will undoubtedly be expensive and again if a household is to get one then I would imagine many will only buy one. Having a GUI designed around the ability for multiple users to share will be a godsend.

    I though OSX's ability to switch users on the fly was great after XP's awful experience so I will be very interested in the tablet's ability.
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    Originally Posted by pmz View Post

    not a very good post

    Oh, I dunno, probably a bit blunt, but undeniably true.
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    Originally Posted by addabox View Post

    Oh, I dunno, probably a bit blunt, but undeniably true.

    I just hope it's not $999, that's all. Especially if you can't watch streaming TV from the web like ABC,NBC etcetera.
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