Apple sees tablet as one device shared by the whole family - WSJ



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    Originally Posted by Avidfcp View Post

    Now if it will run Logic and includes the free stuff, then perhaps that's different.then againg it could be way off from what all of us are trying to guess.

    I want to see 8/16 core mbp with the ability to run just two cores if need be.

    A table that runs logic and 16 core MBP's? You're a big dreamer. As long as your patient (say about five or ten years) You might get your wish.
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    Originally Posted by Mazda 3s View Post

    Heh. Yeah, I want one, too. ALMOST as much as he does.
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    Originally Posted by Gazoobee View Post

    The face identification/sharing stuff sounds like total BS to me.

    I agree. And the idea of sharing a device but not sharing privacy needs high security-level that a face identification software would NEVER be able to reach.

    I can put a photo of any member in front of the gadget's webcam.

    And what about people who don't have the same outlook every they, e.g. shave their face once a week, or women with died hair etc.

    And what about twins?

    face identification needs confirmation.

    It would be great having a gadget for the whole family, but nowadays I think the best way to recognition is the fingerprint-scanner, that could be on this tablet, anyway.
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    ivan.rnn01ivan.rnn01 Posts: 1,822member
    Well, I played with facial recognition in iPhoto yesterday. That's what I can tell you about it.

    It works. The exactness of recognition should be judged as "slightly below satisfactory", but it works. Hanging means you are running late iPhoto on the machine of G4-G5 generation, not much more.

    iPhoto version doesn't use simplified algorithms. It always (unless it's somehow configurable) tries full power analysis. This is why banal glasses make it fail right out of there. Not to mention hands or whatever else masking parts of the face.

    iPhoto has to cope with all possible scene compositions, lighting conditions, distances to photographed faces, nodding-pitching-turning-rollings.

    The job of tablet looks much simpler. The user just needs to position his head image properly in the camera's field of view. What's interesting, he's gonna do it instinctively, almost without noticing, when dipping and spinning tablet in front of his face. He will be always looking straight ahead in the direction where the objective is located.

    P.S. iPhoto worked acceptably for pictures taken with iPhone camera (unless those are all blurred).
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