Wall Street expects Apple's risky iPad to sell 1M-5M in first year



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    Originally Posted by TEKSTUD View Post

    Not pissed just wanted the smallest Mac I can get, not the largest iPod I can get.

    APPLE PROTECTS THE MBP LINE .apple will not make a sub mbp to COMPETE against its favored line up .

    and all systems are closed .NOT one SW/HARDWARE SYSTEM WAS EVER OPEN

    ever wonder why printers never work with dells ??

    stop this TS

    your ruining a great time for us

    your reaqsons ares o lame

    apple sells movies and the such

    apple sells the boxes to play the movies

    apple wants you to stay at home and buy from apple

    apple spent billions for this set up

    don't like it ???

    don't buy apple then .

    your choice.

    go buy a dell net book and get msft media center and DL from amazon thru netflix

    and leave us stupid apple buyers alone

    you are not welcome here anymore

    you broke the trust dude

    you did

    yet dell loves you so


    no ??
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    Wall Street is the last group to suggest anything from Apple or anyone else is risky. Wall Street is the big risk.
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