Apple could battle Fujitsu over ownership of iPad name



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    Originally Posted by ThePixelDoc View Post

    1) As much as I love Apple's products, why do they insist upon immediately creating derision when releasing new products or updates?

    Apple don't create derision, derision is heaped on them by media, trolls and Windows apologists. The majority always takes pleasure in criticising the minority, it's human nature.
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    ivan.rnn01ivan.rnn01 Posts: 1,822member
    Well, I can't see the meaning of the name right now. However, my hands on, I probably will...
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    How about iTab, short for tablet? sounds much better than pad anyway. I'm hoping for a MacTablet still. Although I like this concept of a large iPod touch, I really want a multitouch mac and I would pay 3 times as much. However, Apple needs to fill in the niche for an inexpensive device that does web and email, preferably without having to sync back to a computer. Not everyone can afford a computer but everyone should have email and an internet communicating device.
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    benroethigbenroethig Posts: 2,782member
    Toshiba should never have been allowed to have the iPad trademark due to confusion with Apple productions. That being said, this company has no respect for the property of other corporations. If it wants something, its taking it legal or not.
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    I posted a lame joke earlier in this thread. All jokes aside, I bought my very first Apple product last November. The 27" iMac I purchased is one of the best products I've bought in a long time, and has been truly a joy to use. I do plan on buying an iPad as soon as they become available.
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    igeniusigenius Posts: 1,240member
    Originally Posted by Stormchild View Post

    Joke's over. Wasn't funny the first time when MadTV did it. Time to move on.

    I saw the sketch yesterday for the first time ever. I laughed out loud.
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    tbelltbell Posts: 3,146member
    I do not think Apple can use Slate either, as HP is using the name. I'd have to come up with something better. Apple must have let go it's marketing department.

    Originally Posted by LE Studios View Post

    No I like iPad way better the iSlate!

    Look iPod, iPod Classic, iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle, iPod Touch and now the iPad! Dude it fits!

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    igeniusigenius Posts: 1,240member
    Originally Posted by melgross View Post

    It's perfectly legit. Trademarks are allowed to use common words if the trademark is referring to a specific product, or a general class of product. It's been done before many times. It will be done again.

    By "own it", I meant the insertion of a lower case letter, and not the generic word. Yes, in many cases, the novel use of a common word can be trademarked, like "Amazon".

    But the claim seemed to be that nobody else could use the lower case i prefix. If that were the law, 26 companies could each use a letter, and nobody else. That makes little sense to me.
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    tbelltbell Posts: 3,146member
    I agree. Apple will likely win. Yet, the name really stinks. Maybe, I can contribute to Fujitsu's legal fund.

    Originally Posted by macslut View Post

    That's just it. Fujitsu does not have a registered trademark. They filed for a trademark and it became published for opposition on September 1, 2009.

    The key point here is that Apple was going to oppose this anyway. And rightfully so. It's not that Apple owns iEverything now, but that iPad and the device it describes in the filing is far too close and likely to cause confusion with the trademarked iPod.

    Don't expect to be able to market anything like an iPod with the name iPid, iPud, iPed, etc...

    Unfortunately, Apple is going to win this one. They'll settle out of court quickly, quietly, and cheaply...which is a shame too, because I'd live to hear this argued in a Boston court (where both names sound like iPahd).

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    Calling it an iPad (feminine hygiene product jokes completely aside) is a downright shame. Yes, everyone associates iAnything with Apple, and that's fine, but it doesn't mean they can't come up with something new and different.

    I mean for a starters - i? Why not move on - not everything Apple has to be called i. It's time to stop - one of the best marketing departments in the world, the model that any quality luxury item manufacturer strives to follow (Tesla, anyone?) and they can't come up with a new name that summarises what the device is and sounds cool at the same time.

    And the Pad bit is just poor - it's like they've not tried at all.

    There have been some excellent suggestions - my two favourites have been Canvas (suggests creativity and opportunity), or Tablet - don't know about anyone else but it really makes me think of the wax tablets they used to use in Roman times - big rectangular thing with a fat bezel (the Romans may not have used the word 'bezel', to be fair) that you hold in portrait mode and write or draw on, or read. Frankly, if that doesn't summarise the iPad, what does? Ok, ok, you couldn't watch films or listen to music on a wax tablet, but since you couldn't watch films at all and any music you wanted to listen to involved either making it yourself or dragging a musician or two round with you, I think they're excused. You could play games though - can't beat a bit of wax tablet Noughts and Crosses (Tic Tac Toe for you crazy iMericans (see what I did there?)). Have I gone off-topic?

    And while I'm on a rant - camera? They obviously intended to put one in, the SDK specifically mentions it apparently (well, mentions taking a photo). Should be forward facing (as in facing you, the reader/player/drawer/writer/holder). And bet you anything it will be in the iPad 2G (I'm waiting for that one).

    Flash? Meh! Don't give a flying f*ck, frankly. Don't like it, don't miss it, don't want it. HTML5 all the way as far as I'm concerned.

    And only 64GB SSS top whack? When the next iPod Touch is almost guaranteed to have 128GB and you're a damn sight more likely to have a load of big films and cool games on this than you are a Touch.

    Did I mention the name? Oh, and the fact that it hasn't got a camera? Apart from that, it's ace. Want one, just not till it's good.
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    Originally Posted by ThePixelDoc View Post

    Point 1, which references the name "iPad"... I guess it's here to stay for better or worse. Apple will win the lawsuit.

    Why would Apple win?, Fujitsu is also a 400lb gorilla with over 150,000 employees worldwide, happy coexistence would be the optimal solution, its not like form or function overlap in any way.

    Better put my cards on the table here, I work for Fujitsu, the i-PAD is NOT the only product made by Fujitsu which carries the PAD name, so this is NOT a question of jumping on the iZZZ bandwagon, more a case of prior art.

    Check out the B-PAD, which ironically is used by Apple in the UK as a mobile POS device in their own retail outlets.

    But iPrefer to use an Apple system at home because it doesn't run an insecure, flaky operating system AND it looks fabulous....

    BTW Have you noticed cars in Europe hardly EVER have names any more - its because all the obvious and useable names have been used - so most manufacturers now use numbers, boring and dull BUT true.
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    Originally Posted by TBell View Post

    I hope Apple loses, as the name stinks.

    +1 .. One case I would love Apple to lose !
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    Noone seems to have mentioned yet (maybe because youre all American) but Apple actually use the Fujitsu iPad in their own retail stores as the EasyPay mobile POS system too :O
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    Originally Posted by jackjohnson23 View Post

    Noone seems to have mentioned yet (maybe because youre all American) but Apple actually use the Fujitsu iPad in their own retail stores as the EasyPay mobile POS system too :O

    damn. exactly what i was about to say.

    poss cos everywhere else in the world we dont scribble our name to pay for things
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    Originally Posted by pik80 View Post

    I just don't understand why they don't resurrect Newton. I think it is fun how they play off the Apple name the same way they did with Macintosh. Why do they keep using "i" in everything? Everyone knows that all devices connect to the internet these so why do we keep needing to be reminded of that? I am really hoping that the iPad name gets blocked for them like the iTV name got blocked (which later became Apple TV.)

    Shouldn't it be Mac iNtosh?

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    Originally Posted by brucepondo View Post

    Are you that big of a mouth-breather that you don't realize that you have to pay for every lawsuit that goes against Apple (or any other company you purchase goods from that gets sued)? Really?

    I want a law that enforces an age restriction of 25 years or older to post anything on the internet so I don't have to read the simplistic thoughts of every moron with internet access.

    strange name
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