Inside Apple's iPad: iPhone OS vs Mac OS X



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    Originally Posted by vik1234 View Post

    The Apple fanboy brainwash has started....! Maybe Mac OS X isn't THE solution for iPad but that doesn't mean iPhone OS is adequate... How about having a bunch of widgets that run on the desktop where I can access things in a hurry.. Dont give me reasons why this is not possible.. If Apple makes a product which does small things like that, I will gladly buy one.

    There is about 90% chance that the iPad has Dashboard, a Mac OSX feature, built in, and will be announced on or close to launch.

    Basically, a limited selection (or possibly complete) of widgets that are simple yet informative and powerful that can be called up from anywhere, at any time, possibly with the use of a 4 or 5 finger gesture.

    Picture using any app, then placing all 5 finger tips of one hand on the screen and "closing" them together. Dashboard activates, just like on the Mac. There you have your Calc, Weather, World Clock(s), Dictionary, Stocks, whatever you want. One touch outside of a widget returns to the App underneath.

    Again, about a 90% chance we hear official word on this in the next 3 weeks.
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    What should be available and is easilly possible is file downloads. Why the hell should I have to use my Mac to DL ANY file? When I had my iPod Touch jailbroken, it was awesome to be working on my machine at work and downloading .rar files, .zip files, .dmg files, etc. But you can't do that natively and it wouldn't take ANYTHING away from the UX. Considering you can already "dl" data, as in view web pages and get email. It makes no sense I can't DL files on the go to put on my Mac when I get home.
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    Your argument that fingers don't work well for pointing at objects in high resolution OS environments is a straw man.

    If fingers are incapable of accurately pointing at desktop/laptop OS objects on screen, then how does any laptop with a trackpad function?

    You've created a false dichotomy between using a desktop OS and using a finger to point at objects.

    Apple, themselves, have crafted an admirable solution with their multitouch trackpad interfaces on their laptop devices. If Apple engineers can create a functional on screen keyboard for the iPad, surely they could create an on screen trackpad, too, that would allow finer resolution pointing when required.

    There may be many reasons for Apple to prefer the iPhone OS for the iPad - notably thousands of apps in the App Store - but an inability to point at objects with one's finger is not among them.
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    Mr. Dilger has me convinced. There's NO WAY the brilliant minds at Apple could have made OSX work on the iPad. All of those issues like small icons and font size could never be addressed in OSX. And all those "elements" like the dock and a menu bar that would get in the way and make it impossible to use! - of course, the iPad has a dock and top bar, and apps have their own top bars, and some apps (like the racing game in the pic provided) don't even run truly full screen, but Mr. Dilger has made an amazing argument that these things are totally OK on the iPad and would just be awful if it were OSX.

    Btw that whole thing about how OSX normally uses a mouse pointer, and therefore couldn't possibly be transformed into a touch interface is the nail in the coffin for OSX.
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    I just hope that the iPad is more open than the iPhone. I would like to be able to share files between my MacBook Pro and my iPhone without having to get a 3rd party app (even if it's free) or jump through hoops. I hope this is address with the iPad.
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    Originally Posted by pmz View Post

    No, what you wanted was Mac, for cheap. Nobody wants a netbook, they just can't afford anything else.

    I have a MacBook, which I love and use at work, even though the rest of the company are Microsoft, I will buy a iPad, but I also own a Netbook, but it is running OS X. I use it when I am on the road and need my emails and there is no Wi-Fi available.

    I am currently sitting on a train and the iPad would be ideal, rather than having my MacBook on the table, just so I can surf the net and catch up on a few emails.

    But a small laptop with a built in SIM card is ideal in those situations when I need it and is much better than typing on a screen for longer work related emails.

    If Apple made one of these I would buy it as well.
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    It's not so much the lack of a full OS that's bothersome insofar as this is the first Apple computer that comes with the restrictions and locks usually reserved for an iPhone. Can you imagine only being allowed to get software for your mac from one outlet run by Apple?That's exactly what Apple is demanding of iPad users.

    As for Flash...would have been nice for a device that's supposed to be more light laptop than iPhone but the reasons are valid. It will be the first time though, that I think, most of the public will really notice the lack of Flash support on Apple's devices.
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