Apple's iPhone 4.0 to support multitasking via Expose-like interface



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    Originally Posted by SpotOn View Post

    Looking like the iPad is turning itself back into a computer more and more everyday.

    Guess what Steve is going to say a year from now?

    "Well we wanted to do more with the iPad and that requires a bigger processor and powerful graphics. We also thought it would be a great idea to have the iPad support itself while sitting on a persons lap, since that left room, we included a integrated keyboard, more storage and a trackpad."

    "With that I introduce the iPad Laptop!"

    *cheers erupt from the crowd*

    It would be called iBook.
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    Originally Posted by BRussell View Post

    Yeah, it would be terrible, but I'd like to hear ideas on how else you could distinguish between quitting and switching.

    Knowing Apples development model they are likely investigating many possibilities right now. As long as there are reasonable protections in place to prevent in advertant loose of data the final solution won't matter. At least for a good number of people, but there will always be those with conflicting needs.


    I still frankly just don't believe it. I could see them allowing backgrounding on a case-by-case basis, such as allowing Pandora to work like iPod music works now, but I see mostly confusion and very little benefit to allowing all apps to run freely in the background.

    Limiting background apps to only thoose blessed by Apple would be a huge mistake. As to confusion, how is that a possibility? Most people don't even realize that the iPhone is multitasking now.

    As to the benefits well that is really up to the user to decide on a case by case basis. There are certainly a host of apps that won't benefit from multitasking to which I say SO! That isn't the thing many are concerned with. Instead there is a whole class of apps that can only work well if run in background out of the users way. It isn't an issue of every user going multitasking crazy, but rather the needs of specific users in combo with limited apps.

    No one really expects to have 33 apps open at a time. Rather we are talking in the range of a couple to a half dozen. I would be surprised to see Apple address the crazies by implementing a limited number of slots for user programs.


    Most people who write about this just say "Apple needs to turn on multi-tasking" as if they just click a box when they compile the OS and it's done.

    Not the OS but the apps.

    In any event we aren't saying refining the user interface to multitasking is easy but rather are saying that multitasking is already there. It shouldn't take forever to get there via iPhone OS 4.0.

    By the way I'm not one of these people that think 4.0 is late. Rather I'm expecting a debut around WWDC with a release sometime after.


    This is a huge UI problem - just look at Windows and Mac OS - and I can't even envision how it can be implemented on the iPhone without creating the same UI problems.

    My god what user interface problems do Windows or Mac OS have with multitasking? People grasp those systems fairly well and iPhone OS would be a lot simpler. I can imagine dozens of ways to do so on the iPhone without even trying. A little imagination goes a long ways here.

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    Originally Posted by addabox View Post

    People who make lists like this are assholes.

    Originally Posted by addabox View Post

    People from certain countries are inbred yokels.

    Okay, so look:

    We've had some commentary lately about the number of trolls/embittered losers/maniacs that come here purely to spew hatred towards anything non-Apple. And the mods respond, "What would you have us do? Opinions differ", etc.

    But here's a case in point. I invite anyone to take a quick look at Mr. addabox's posting history, which is absolutely and unequivocally comprised of nothing but "Apple rulez LOL" and "Android sucks LOL" with a soupcon of "notice how superior Apple is to other pitiful junk" just to break the tedium.

    Spewing profanity at people for no reason? Calling the ENTIRETY of certain countries 'inbred yokels' simply because they have Nokia employees?

    Now explain to me what this person adds to the conversation and why this user should not be banned?
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    icyfogicyfog Posts: 338member
    Well at least the iPhone haters can still hate on the lack of Flash and the AT&T network.

    Have fun girls and boys.
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    Originally Posted by Ireland View Post

    I'm guessing pressing the home button once, like now, will Quit the app. But pressing it twice will open Exposé for you to switch to another app and keep the existing one running.

    So if you want to quickly check a stock and Quit you'll do it exactly as you do now..

    I don't think that is good method because we are used to hitting it once and if we aren't fast enough with our taps it would register as one. Both of which would be frustrating if you didn't want to exit an app completely for whatever reason.

    For example, you wanted to check the weather while on a Skype call but only pressed it once which ended the call. Less of an issue but still annoying is listening to Pandora and having it quit on you.

    That method then becomes both the way to keep an app running and to get to the app switcher. That is wrong on so many levels.

    I think that it has to be an API setup by Apple, an API that the dev decided to use, then a setting the user can turn on and then cherry pick through the available backgroundable apps to run in the background with only the necessary resources when they hit the Home button once.
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    Originally Posted by justflybob View Post

    No. It's "Apple is doomed™!"

    Not it's shut up.

    Seriously though it's: Apple is doomed!™
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    Originally Posted by chronster View Post

    Now all of a sudden multi-tasking is cool, isn't it guys?

    There is a difference between saying that feature X is unnecessary/not cool and saying that the iPhone is great product, even without feature X, and a better product than other phones, even if these have feature X. And that the iPhone would become even better with feature X.
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    Originally Posted by zindako View Post

    The rest of the industry will end up so far behind Apple.

    Considering the Pre has had multi-tasking since day one. To say the rest will be left behind when refereeing to multi-tasking is to miss the point.

    The rest are left behind already, it's called iTunes.
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    I fear this could turn out to cause problems for those with lots of apps. If all the current apps that use notifications were converted to needing to run in the background then I wouldn't be able to use all the apps that I currently do now with the current notification scheme. I have over 50 apps that receive notifications. There is zero chance there would be enough memory for all 50 to run in the background so I wouldn't be able to use them all if the converted over.

    I was always one to complain about lack of background apps but I wonder now if Apple didn't do the right thing from the beginning. Ideally only apps that really need backgrounding will use that feature and the rest will stick with notifications. I have a feeling backgrounding will be easier to implement though so even IM type apps will use backgrounding instead.
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    Originally Posted by 11thIndian View Post

    Considering Apple's stance up to now that battery life supersedes the need for multi-tasking, I think we can safely assume they're not going to do a 180 and let people run their batteries into the ground whilly-nilly. There may even be a System Preferences selection for enabling/disabling multi-tasking dependant on whether you feel you need it or not, and whether you're willing to take the battery hit.

    No. The whole point of the double-press on the home button is so you have to use multi-tasking deliberately. If you press home once the app would Quit. If you ask me the real reason they didn't add it before is the system wasn't mature enough, and they hadn't figured it out.`
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    Originally Posted by solipsism View Post

    I don't think that is good method because we are used to hitting it once and if we aren't fast enough with our taps it would register as one. Both of which would be frustrating if you didn't want to exit an app completely for whatever reason.

    At the same time though, you don't want to break a well established convention. Every iPhone user knows that hitting Home quits. You don't want people single clicking the Home button thinking they are quitting their apps when they are just putting them in the background, right?

    IMO, if there is going to be any kind of user interaction with multi-tasking, it should be a new gesture or new kind of button click. That way folks not caring about multi-tasking can go on there merry way, not knowing anything changed.
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    Originally Posted by Boogerman2000 View Post

    Indeed most commenters on this site are far too blinded by what they perceive as the ONLY great technology available. Sad. There is such a loathsome dearth of objectivity on this site at times, it's positively nauseating.

    I have had all three versions of the Iphone in as many years. All jailbroken. About six months ago, I bought a Mytouch just to see what the deal was with Android. I now have the Nexus One and am pretty sure there is nothing that Apple can offer to sway me back. There is just too much that goes against their walled garden. Fine for some, not for others. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the Iphone.

    I would disagree with your first paragraph. This is a site devoted to Apple information and discussion. I expect most of the people here own Apple gear (iPhones on this thread, in particular).

    Like you, most enjoy their iPhones, but would welcome improvements and enhancements.

    Except for the occasional troll or rant (I've been guilty of that) most of the posts are reasonably objective and raise good points which lead to some good discussions (after winnowing out the chaff).

    If I had a compelling need for a different carrier, multitasking (or independent apps), I would probably JailBreak my iPhone or buy an Android just as you did.

    I have JailBroken iPhones (even bricked one) but found that the downsides outweighed the benefits for my needs.

    I like Apple, like their products and am long on AAPL*

    * BTW, AAPL is down $.84-- must be all this multitasking TrashTalk

    While I am a techie, I particularly like Apple's approach to hide the details (where it can) and make it simple for users to learn, use nod be more productive with their products. It certainly makes my life easier.

    That all said, I believe most of the Apple users (and posters, here) are open to competitive products if they have significant advantages (to them).

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    Originally Posted by Cubert View Post

    I just love all the little subtle jabs at the other platforms.


    I hate it myself, and others here hate it too. It lacks confidence when you have put down the opposition. There's room for a few players here. But in Prince's eyes there's only one.
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    cimcim Posts: 197member
    The iPhone OS probably isn?t getting multitasking. I think the Exposé-like feature will be a way to manage recently opened apps. The Apple Push Notification Service will likely be opened up though.
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    Originally Posted by Ireland View Post

    Not it's shut up.

    Seriously though it's: Apple is doomed!?

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    Originally Posted by sandau View Post


    Fall, you mean.
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    Originally Posted by davesw View Post

    hitting the Home button twice makes sense

    this is going to be awesome.

    I called it already. Hitting the home button twice that is. You don't hit it though, you press it.
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    Originally Posted by GQB View Post

    I'm glad Apple waited until they had a proper copy/paste solution, and I frankly don't care about 'multi-tasking'. Fast application switching? Sure. But my life hasn't suffered one bit for having to click one extra time occasionally.

    Would I have liked to have copy/paste a year earlier? Certainly.

    Would I have liked for the iPhone to come out a year earlier than it it did? Certainly.

    The only question is whether a product as shipping today is worth its money for you and whether it is better overall than the competition.
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    Originally Posted by ireland View Post

    fall, you mean.

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    Originally Posted by extremeskater View Post

    Clearly you don't really read my posts. The lack of multitasking was the only thing holding me back from getting an iPad. Now that has been resolved I will be getting a 3G model.

    Sorry but I am the happiest one here.

    Those reasons to take the piss out of the iPad are dwindling. I guess there's always Flash for the haters to comfort them.
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