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    Originally Posted by dfiler View Post

    The irony is that this almost always portends a product that will be wildly successful and heralded as revolutionary in the history books. If that weren't the case, the iPad would be getting the normal, non-emotionally vindictive reviews.

    I'd say it's more evolutionary than revolutionary. When you boil it down to the core and look past the hype it's just an iTouch/iPhone with a bigger screen.
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    Originally Posted by dfiler View Post

    Constant praise? Sure that's been happening.

    But hasn't there also been constant criticism? Are you actually claiming that the iPad hasn't also been criticized since day one? Flash? Camera? Foward facing camera? Just a big...? closed app distribution model, etc...

    Yes, criticism is helpful and the iPad deserves to, and has been subject to criticism.

    But where did you get the idea that the iPad had been getting a free ride? Sounds more like an axe to grind than anything else. Nothing has changed since release. Except that now both the positive and negative opinions are being offered after having actually used an iPad.

    Sorry, my post wasn't very clear. I was not thinking about earlier discussion, i.e. Flash, camera, etc., which has been going on since Jobs' iPad introduction. My "gushing praise" remark was referring to the pre-release reviews last week from Andy Ihnatko and that ilk who had little to say about iPad that didn't put a positive spin on it.

    Now that iPads are in the hands of the public and some negatives are coming out, I see comments like "people are falling all over themselves to proclaim how crappy the ipad is" and "some people are trying way too hard to hate the iPad, and it shows." That's nonsense. People are just voicing legitimate concerns. (Some may be over doing it.)

    I have not used an iPad but I want to try one and might buy one. I'd have to drive 200 miles round trip to see one. Until then, all I have is reviews and discussions, both positive and negative.
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    I stil feel like a good tablet will always be an adjunct to other computing devices.

    Apple's strategy feels more sound to me than the ipad on an island approach.

    HP's Tablet doesn't seem to know what it wants to be. A HTPC device with HDMI, a netbook minus the keyboard (Atom proc) or a basic Tablet.

    It certainly isn't a revolutionary device but a well crafted evolutionary device. Next thing we need is MobileMe to get a huge upgrade and make Wifi sync something that you do at last resort.
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    FWIW, here is a summary of various tech pundits, designers and programmers voicing their opinions on the iPad, summary quotes following their names:

    The iPad in the Eyes of the Digerati


    * Tim O?Reilly, O?Reilly Media

    The App Store, the first real rival to the Web as the dominant consumer application platform, isn?t going to be limited to smartphones.

    * David Gelernter, computer scientist

    The iPad, though beautifully designed, is transitional, like vinyl LPs, but likely to be much shorter lived.

    * Liza Daly, software engineer

    A digital copy of ?Little Dorrit,? with the Internet lurking just beneath.

    * Craig Mod, programmer and designer

    The iPad is essentially a 10-inch, high-resolution screen held intimately close to your body, housing content you manipulate by direct touch. Is this a new medium? Absolutely.

    * Sam Kaplan, iPad app creator

    It would be frustrating and boring to draw on the iPhone. But the iPad makes drawing fun.

    * Emily Chang and Max Kiesler, designers and Web consultants

    Whether everyone needs a tablet is debatable, but it?s a natural progression from desktop computers to laptops to smart phones. As the Internet becomes more ubiquitous, our devices are becoming more mobile and connected. The iPad exemplifies the further shift toward simplicity.

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    The iPad can't multitask, except when it multitasks...


    Comedy GOLD!

    Originally Posted by iPoster View Post

    13 Glaring iPad Shortcomings...

    It does not multitask

    The iPad runs the same operating system as the iPhone, and as a result has all of the iPhone's limitations. The most obvious of these is the inability to multitask - or do multiple things simultaneously. The iPad can't run more than one app at a time (with the exception of a few Apple apps)...

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    5 Reasons to dislike it!

    There's nowhere to load coal into it!

    Where is the guard supposed to sit?

    Those wings will stop it fitting into stations.

    With only one door, passengers have to line-up to get out!

    It does not even have a sleeper car!

    Common reasons why the airplane is not as good as a train.

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    Originally Posted by Dr Millmoss View Post

    Already is. Except for the initial setup, I haven't had to connect my iPad to my Mac.

    But if...

    ..you want to change the media content from a larger library you do.

    ..you need to update the OS you do.

    ..you want to back up the photographs you imported or the documents you write you do.

    IMAP provides a very good model for how a cloud-based service would work.

    You might have a massive email mailbox. But IMAP means you can get at it instantly with only a fraction of the mail actually on the device.

    There is a large amount of online content, but a small fraction of that is cached on the device and accessed via a client.

    What the iPad needs is an analogous service for files and media.

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    Originally Posted by Carniphage View Post

    But if...

    ..you want to change the media content from a larger library you do.

    ..you need to update the OS you do.

    ..you want to back up the photographs you imported or the documents you write you do.

    Most of this is also true for any other computer. The only real difference so far is updating the OS, which is hardly a daily activity.
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    Originally Posted by hill60 View Post

    The iPad can't multitask, except when it multitasks...


    Comedy GOLD!

    Steve doesn't seem to think it's comedy:


    CUPERTINO, Calif. -Apple Inc.'s iPhone and iPad devices will soon be able to run more than one program at a time, an ability that phones from Apple's rivals already offer and that iPhone owners have long sought.

    The changes, coming this summer to iPhones and this fall to iPads, mean that users might be able to listen to music through the Pandora program and check a bank account online simultaneously. Currently, users must return to Apple's home screen, effectively quitting the open program, before starting a new task.

    "We weren't the first to this party, but we're going to be the best," Apple CEO Steve Jobs declared Thursday, as bloggers, software developers and others in the audience greeted the news of such "multitasking" with applause.

    The iPhone already permits some multitasking, but that's largely limited to Apple's own programs. Apple had not given users ways to seamlessly switch among all the software "apps" available from outside software companies, the way phones from rivals Palm Inc. and Google Inc. already do.

    That will change with the updates known as iPhone OS 4. Apple generally makes such updates available for free, and often automatically, as a software download.

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    Heck, I figure I'll buy one (as soon as they come out in Canada) and if a new one comes in the fall, hand this one down to the kids & pick up a new one
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    Originally Posted by hcho321 View Post

    A lot of my friends and families are going nuts about i p a d. What they don't realize is that this hardware is going to be so outdated soon. I recommend waiting for the 2nd or even 3rd generation of ipad. Here are the reasons why.

    1. No USB 3.0 support. I am surprised that no one is talking about this. This is actually important. It takes about 5-10 minutes to back up my iphone on itunes. How long will ipad take? Oh, that's right. The files are bigger on ipad because the apps are bigger. Go take a nap. Shit, it's still not done!

    It wouldn't make sense to include a technology the market has not adapted to yet.

    Also, I very much doubt regular backups takes that long.


    2. Price. Apple says 499 dollars is cheap. Really? I disagree with that. I am 99% sure that apple will announce Wifi+3G model for 499 dollars around fall of 2010. Either that, apple will cut the prices on all models by 50-100 dollars. Also, if iphone is coming to Verizon, then we are definitely going to see this on Verizon as well. Are we going to see some crying babies this fall like we did with original iphone in 2007? History repeats itself.

    You get what you pay for.

    If you are comparing technical details to the price you are reasoning

    like the people who buy cheap Acer PC's that has 8 GB RAM memory with an 32-bit OS.


    3. No camera. It's 2010. Someone forgot to include something. It's not 1910. Next one will have this for sure. When it does, then not all the apps are going to be compatible.

    I suppose it could use one for video conferencing. So if your big on video conferencing and

    you will replace your laptop with an iPad (an iPad isn't suppose to be a full laptop replacement by the way)

    then yes, that's a con.


    4. No flash. Sure, maybe we can live without flash. We can live with HTML 5. But, most of websites still use flash. Why buy this now? Let the websites convert to HTML 5 first. Apple shows about 10 websites that will convert to HTML 5. Well, I am sorry, but I go more than these 10 websites. I go more like hundreds...

    Apple, together with many other technology companies, is trying to get Flash off the market

    as a standard. The most effective way to do this is to stop support it and support something better.


    5. What the hell is it? Seriously, what the hell is this thing and what am I going to use it for?

    You already know what it is. But you apparently are too busy looking at technical specs to

    see the whole picture.

    I think you have to try using one IRL to understand. I know I don't.
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    I was wondering if we could make a sticky for every iPad thread that says:


    Then, when people want to explain all that, again, they can just copy and paste and save time. You know, instead of needing to just say some or all of that over and over and over again.
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    I feel better already.
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    It's what? A big iPod? Count me in! I love my iPod Touch, and making it bigger will totally change what I can do with it. Thanks, Apple!
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