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    Originally Posted by SpotOn View Post

    Sorry, you said your daughter had your iPad for part of the day, I assumed you were not watching.

    Heck even cable throttles my data/Netflix/PS3 eating @ss and I don't even p2p. I got six operating systems to feed regularly.

    3G iPad? Sounds like a trap to me, it's just human nature to do what the heck they need to do on line and not count the data.

    Well, yeah. Who counts the data when they're online? We were just using it the way we would use our Macs. A web page can take up to a couple hundred thousand Bytes, even without Flash. Using Google maps does as well. Updating a couple of dozen apps takes a lot of data. It just accumulates.

    Normally most of it's done using our WiFi network, so who cares?
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    I actually bought an iPod back in the day--but never could get it to work with my computer. I'm pretty sure it was my computer. So I took it back.

    So, technically, this three day old 32 GB WiFi model is my first Apple product.

    I have resisted the "Apple" world for a long time. I have a Zune mp3 player. A Vista computer. An Android powered phone. A Kindle DX for reading books.

    And now an Apple iPad.

    Got it for father's day . . a week early because my wife was a week off. Yay!

    I shared the following on a non-apple site among friends who were asking about it.

    The device:

    Apple makes slick hardware. No question.

    The OS:

    I hope the 4.0 update (running 3.2) improves things. As it stands, I?d prefer Android 1.6 over what?s installed?not to mention Android 2.x. I think they went too far in the ?your grandma can use it? direction with this OS.

    My gripes:

    - You can organize your icons to some extent on the different panels and the quick launch bar at the bottom, so that?s good. Still, I?d like folders. Sue me. Put games in one. All the default apps you?ll never use in another (?Calendar?, Contacts, etc) . . it seems like such a simple thing. Android? Yes. Magical Apple? No.

    - If I?m in one client and launch another, the original client closes. If I?m in gmail, and I click a link, safari opens. How do I get back to gmail? The only way I see is to click the button, which makes everything go away. So I have to launch gmail again. Fortunately it remembers where I was. Not all apps will (for example, an RSS reader). I assume this is because OS 3.2 doesn?t multitask, and unlike android devices, doesn?t have a ?go back? button. On my phone, I?d be in gmail, click the link, then hit the ?return? button to make the browser go away and be right back where I started. WEAK.

    - I prefer the more conventional android approach. The ?desktop? of the apple device holds EVERYTING. I like the ?popup? on the Android, where everything is installed, and then putting only my favorites on the desktop.

    - iTunes is underwhelming. Trust me. If that's all you know, then fine. But I also have a Zune MP3 player from a couple of years ago and the software blows iTunes away. Plus, I can sync my Zune wirelessly--you can't do that with the iPad--or as I understand it, the iPod. They put wireless ability in these devices, why don't they let you sync wirelessly? Hello? The Zune has done this since launch. And syncing daily wirelessly may seem like a small thing, but it sure is nice.

    What?s good:

    - The screen is brilliant and sharp. It?s the new LED variety as I understand it. It gets very smudgy but you don?t really notice it, and it cleaned easily.

    - The app store: I got Angry Birds HD and Flight Control HD also (definitely an ?only on a touch device app?) . Both are fun. The catch? These developers are charging 4 and 5 times as much. A lot of these were 99 cents on the iphone, and are five bucks on the ipad (you can get the iPhone version but they look like crap blown up). Downloaded the ABC app and the wife watched several Lost episodes and they looked great. Found and bought a premium RSS reader?so I can see my days of ?surfing? on my laptop as over. I can consolidate the feeds into one place and the iPad is EXCELLENT for that.

    - The wireless performance is excellent. Didn?t always get the strongest signal in our bedroom but when it was strong you could stream in HD.

    - It?s a quick alternative to the laptop, and provides a nice ?second computer.? In the first day there were several occasions where we could both use ?the computer? where before there would be contention. The wife was watching Lost when I was using the computer?before, we would have had to wait.

    - Youtube looked great (hi def videos--the older variety looked really blurry, but that's not the fault of the ipad). The Netflix app--while crappy right now--allows you to stream videos, which is also cool.

    Where does this leave the kindle?

    - Exactly where it started, as a dedicated book reader. It?s lighter than the iPad, so it?s more comfortable to hold for long periods of time?and I imagine the smaller Kindle is even lighter. It?s also larger (the Kindle DX is, anyway) and more of the screen is used for text. It?s not back lit like the iPad is, so there's less eye strain, and the resolution is better than even most printed books, depending on the quality of print/paper they used. The iPad is very sharp, but it ain?t that sharp (it's still "pixelated", even though it's very good for a "computer screen", it's still not as sharp as the Kindle, which mirrors an actual printed page). Then there?s the battery issue, where the Kindle will last much longer (as it consumes NO power when displaying a static page). People who claim this will kill the kindle either a) don?t read books, or b) haven?t read a book on a back lit screen, or c) don't understand why the e-ink display is better.

    The exception would be magazines and comics. If you're into comics or want to read multi color magazines the iPad would be way better.
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