Microsoft store to face off against Apple iPhone 4 launch



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    desuserigndesuserign Posts: 1,316member
    Originally Posted by Jerseymac View Post

    Will there be people line dancing?

    We can only hope that even now, Microsoft is training their staff, to line dance!

    (And to say, "Welcome to the Microsoft Store. . . . I love you.")
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    jpdlvmhjpdlvmh Posts: 72member
    Imitation still remains the most sincere form of flattery....
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    Originally Posted by Quadra 610 View Post

    Does anyone really care?

    Really? No.

    But this has the potential to be hysterically-boring - a true NON-event. Step right up and see nothing happen! I predict it to fall somewhere between paint drying and grass growing; the grass just might be more interesting...

    Originally Posted by Ecphorizer View Post


    Well, in all fairness, you can use either spelling -- I personally prefer the "-ves" (like "leaves" or "wolves") because the "v" gives a bit more grit than the "f" sound -- which is kinda necessary when spitting out the following "s."

    But consistency (yeah, hobgoblin of a small mind, blah-blah...) of choice is the virtue here. Or maybe not?
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    justbobfjustbobf Posts: 261member
    >>> The first was opened 20 minutes away from an Apple Store in Scottsdale Arizona

    Hummm... I don't think a 20 minute drive can be considered close. That's farther than from the beach to downtown L.A.
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    The Fashion Valley Apple Store is usually #1 in sales for all of California. That store is ALWAYS busy. I'm talking 80-100 people inside there every time I visit. It's amazing!

    Microsoft picked a stupid place and an even stupider date to open a Microsoft store. On Thursday, June 24, the Microsoft store will be a good place to stand and take pictures of the crowds bulging out of the Apple Store. In front of the Microsoft store, you won't have to worry about anyone bumping your elbows while you are taking photos.

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    I installed a LEGITIMATE copy of XP on my Bootcamp partition. It had a real serial number, hologram, the whole bit. When I start XP now it tells me my copy does not validate.

    Those God Damn Motherfuckers. I'd put them 6 feet under if I could, the whole damn lot of them.
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    marktrekmarktrek Posts: 69member
    Originally Posted by zoetmb View Post

    Apple needed to get into retail because before the advent of the Apple stores, most third party retail did a really lousy job of presenting Apple products. And in retrospect, especially with the closing of CompUSA and Circuit City, it was a genius move, because imagine where Apple might be today if they didn't open their own retail and didn't have these chains to rely upon, as bad as they were.

    While this is all true, Apple did not know it until Steve Jobs walked into a retail store and saw the sorry state of Apple retail. Yes, while the millions of "us" knew it, Apple didn't.

    But the other major reason was OSX. Apple was still on OS 9 when the stores were first planned. They went to their developers and asked them to start making OSX software. The developers said that they were hardly making any money writing for 5% of the market. It looks like OS X will be even less. Who will buy our products? Apple said we will. We will open our own stores.

    And Microsoft not coming up with anything on their own? Just look at their commercials. Their users say that Windows 7 was their idea. I believe it. Microsoft could not come up with any new ideas.
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    sockrolidsockrolid Posts: 2,789member
    Folks who get their iPhone 4's at the Apple store on June 24th should walk in and take HD videos of all the empty space in the Microsoft store. And say "Gee, I wish there were this much empty space in the Apple store. It's so freakin' CROWDED over there!"

    Also, "Hey, let's do the Electric Glide!"
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    Microsoft is opening its fourth retail store in San Diego's Fashion Valley Mall

    quite a lot for just one mall
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    rbonnerrbonner Posts: 635member
    I chuckle every time I read this one. Is it really a face off just because they are opening a store? I could see a new phone release, os release, something tangible, but these 2 events (release of a phone and opening a store) appear to be in different classes.
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    tubbyteetubbytee Posts: 68member
    is actually a good marketing strategy. when a more popular movie is sold out its good to know you have a second choice. if MS did not open near an apple store, they might not be able to achieve the same level of success.
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    tubbyteetubbytee Posts: 68member
    Originally Posted by thrillingwonder View Post

    Microsoft is opening its fourth retail store in San Diego's Fashion Valley Mall

    quite a lot for just one mall

    fashion valley is a huge sprawling mall.
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    bdkennedy1bdkennedy1 Posts: 1,459member
    Wow. That's like my grandmother showing up at my college toga party. Lame.
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    mac voyermac voyer Posts: 1,292member
    I am looking forward to the videos of the MS store opening, shot, edited, and uploaded from a FaceTime enabled iPhone 4.
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    Originally Posted by alangsam View Post

    copy copy copy. they cant innovate so they copy (years late). Its a pattern repeated more often of late.

    it's their business model (and lately of some other tech companies) to copy apple...
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    danvid36danvid36 Posts: 80member
    MS will fail miserably with their stores. They don't really have anything remotely interesting or even comparable to what Apple has to offer, both in terms of hardware and software.
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    onhkaonhka Posts: 1,025member
    Originally Posted by megatrick View Post

    The irony of course is that Rob Dyrdek is a HUGE Mac user. If you watch his show, it's all Macs. What a joke and stupid move on the part of the Microsloth!!

    It is worse than that.

    Rob Dyrdek is featured with Kirk Dianda on one of Apple's Pro Profiles.

    and working on an iMac
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    robin huberrobin huber Posts: 3,790member
    I keep wondering as have others on this thread, exactly what it is that MS Stores are supposed to provide that isn't already being provided quite well by others. Apple solved a real problem with their stores.

    MS's unselfconscious duplication of Apple's successful formula makes them seem . . . I don't know, just silly. They may be copying the form, but not the function of an Apple Store. The one being divorced from the other makes them superfluous. The whole effect is a bit like a kid dressed up in his parent's clothes.

    Perhaps that explains why, after a year and a half, there are still so very few stores. Were they successful by any measure, there would be nothing to keep MS from overwhelming Apple's stores with sheer numbers. I suspect they are adding a couple more just to keep up appearances, and to avoid the humiliation of admitting defeat.
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    daylove22daylove22 Posts: 215member
    Originally Posted by Askew View Post

    So what does the Microsoft store sell exactly?

    Buggy software
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    robin huberrobin huber Posts: 3,790member
    Originally Posted by iReality85 View Post

    Wait, what? Since when are lanyards iconic? I use one every day. It's called wearing an ID. Guess mine isn't cool and iconic though.

    #1 - Wearing a lanyard ID at any old company is not the same as wearing one in retail, where they are less common. And the design is unique--not an off-the-shelf plastic sleeve provided by Staples or some business supply wholesaler.

    #2 - It's not just the lanyard, but the entire look of an Apple Store employee. It IS very specific, unique, and identifiable with Apple. One might even fairly say, iconic.

    #3 - Thanks for being an honest troll, advertising all your non-Apple hardware on your signature line. That's refreshing.

    #4 - . . . and yes, yours is NOT cool and iconic enough.
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