Apple releases retail store application in App Store

in iPhone edited January 2014
Apple on Tuesday released a new retail store application for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, allowing customers to find local stores, purchase products, read customer reviews and more.

The free application (iTunes link) also allows customers to stay up to date with in-store events, and make appointments for Personal Shopping, Genius Bar or One to One.

Customers can also reserve the new iPhone 4 directly from their current iPhone, and don't even need to enter their AT&T account information. Version 1.0 of the Apple Store application requires an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad running iOS 3.0 or later. It is available in English and is a 1.6MB download.

The full list of features of the new application, according to Apple, are:

See new and featured products from Apple.

Shop the full selection of products available from the Apple Online Store.

Find the latest accessories and software.

Read customer reviews and get answers to product questions.

Buy or reserve a new iPhone with just a few taps.

Locate any Apple Retail Store in the world, instantly.

Make Personal Shopping, Genius Bar, and One to One appointments.

Sign up for workshops and events at your favorite Apple Retail Store.

AppleInsider reported on the application on Monday, after two retail employees who were briefed on the matter shared details. Rumors of a concierge application for Apple's retail stores first surfaced last November.



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    jetlawjetlaw Posts: 156member
    Doesn't look it there is a native iPad version.
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    irnchrizirnchriz Posts: 1,609member
    Not yet available in the UK iTunes store.
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    Just says "We'll be back soon." For me. :/
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    zindakozindako Posts: 468member
    The app keeps crashing on my iPad ;-(
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    SpamSandwichSpamSandwich Posts: 33,407member
    Originally Posted by zindako View Post

    The app keeps crashing on my iPad ;-(

    Beyond that, the Apple Store is getting slammed by iPhone 4 buyers.
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    djmikeodjmikeo Posts: 180member
    It seems like ATT is once again the weak link in the order process. I try to order a phone and it keeps stalling when trying to process my ATT info. The app often crashes. I can't get past the ATT info screen. It won't work on the Apple Store Website as well.
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    Just keeps crashing after it says "processing".
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    bloggerblogbloggerblog Posts: 2,365member
    Originally Posted by Footloose301 View Post

    Just keeps crashing after it says "processing".

    Same here
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    sandausandau Posts: 1,230member
    it looks almost 100% on the iPad in full resolution love using Fullforce (jailbreak app, runs iPhone apps in full screen mode).

    Very nice!
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    irelandireland Posts: 17,794member
    I was asking for this app a year ago. It's handy.
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    sflocalsflocal Posts: 6,037member
    App crashes moment I try pre-ordering the iPhone. Poor servers are just buckling under the strain! I'm taking it in stride. I suppose every company would love to have this problem.

    Santa's workshop is working overtime on this.
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    irelandireland Posts: 17,794member
    US only, for now.
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    irelandireland Posts: 17,794member
    Originally Posted by sflocal View Post

    App crashes moment I try pre-ordering the iPhone. Poor servers are just buckling under the strain!

    Poor servers don't crash apps. It's a bug.
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    crashes here too every time I try and reserve or order an iPhone...

    What's up with that, not am Applesque kind of thing
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    sflocalsflocal Posts: 6,037member
    Originally Posted by Ireland View Post

    Poor servers don't crash apps. It's a bug.

    Very localized bug... I haven't ordered (or pre-ordered) anything else from the app but the rest of the app seems to be working fine. I agree with you. I just wonder if there is some kind of time-out issue due to the server overload that is not being trapped by the app.

    I bet today is not a good day to be an Apple back-end systems engineer. \
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    djmikeodjmikeo Posts: 180member
    I have tried ATT, Apple and the Store App and I cannot get past the processing stage.
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    bdkennedy1bdkennedy1 Posts: 1,459member
    I love how the app crashes when I try to order my iPhone 4.
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    teunisteunis Posts: 23member
    Please note in your article this app is only available in the U.S.
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    It doesn't seem to me that this is a 'retail' centric application. Sure, you can find stores and sign up for services, but this app is much more. This is THE app that we've been waiting on to browse and purchase Apple products from an app, not the web. This IS the ONLINE Apple Store, not retail centric by any means.

    The app icon is... err... less than I expected.
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    normmnormm Posts: 653member
    This morning this crashed if I tried to order an iPhone 4. I tried the app again about an hour ago and it worked without a problem. I upgraded to an iPhone 4 (to be picked up) in less than a minute.
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