Hacker involved in iPad security breach arrested on felony drug charges



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    robin huberrobin huber Posts: 3,299member
    Originally Posted by chronster View Post

    He got arrested for drugs and not for hacking? Well that's an interesting coincidence isn't it?

    "While busting this guy for pot, we just happen to stumble upon evidence that links him to hacking a product belonging to a large corporation with seemingly endless money."

    So not only are we a police state, we're a corporate owned police state.

    Happens every day. Guy gets pulled over for no front license plate and gets busted for DUI. Just read about it in the paper this morning happening to some star. Just his bad luck, and my good luck for getting him off the road. If that's a police state, fine with me. You have read this guy's antisemitic and racist rants by now haven't you? A real victim, he is.
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    robin huberrobin huber Posts: 3,299member
    Originally Posted by chronster View Post

    Arrested on felony drug charges.

    Why wasn't he being arrested for hacking?

    I'm just guessing, but it probably takes a little longer to develop a case for hacking than for drug possession.

    You find illegal drugs in possession of the guy, you test them with a field kit, if positive you make the arrest. Pretty standard procedure--happens every day hundreds of times.

    They are probably still investigating the hacking charge, making sure they can make everything stick before screwing it up with a premature arrest. Getting all their ducks in a row. If they have a good case, he will be charged.
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    Originally Posted by SpotOn View Post

    Obviously you haven't seen Goaste's sexy girlfriend, TUBGIRL!!


    There are things in this world you can't un-see. This is 15 of them.
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    Originally Posted by Bloodshotrollin'red View Post

    Silliest thing is he's of German Jewish extraction (whatever that means). Is he what is commonly referred to as a self-hating Jew?

    There was a pretty potent film about just that:


    The film was decent, although not entirely believable (inasmuch as it was a fictional interpretation inspired by a different real-world person), but I though the acting by Ryan Gosling as the main character was outstanding.
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    Originally Posted by chronster View Post

    Ok so the warrant DID involve the hacking stuff. That's all I was confused about. ... Here, I thought they went to his house strictly on the charge of possession of drugs (like using that as an excuse to go through his stuff) and then building the hacking charge off that, which I think smells a little rotten.

    Think of it like this: Cops know this dude likes to get high, but why go after the little fish? Better to focus on the traffickers. Then here comes AT&T or Apple and they say to the cops, "look, we're almost positive he hacked us, but we don't have enough evidence. Here's a "donation" to the department, now go and use that minor drug charge to get us what we need."

    Would you be able to wield that sort of influence on police? That's all I'm getting at.

    So, first you say, oh, they had a warrant for the hacking stuff, OK. But then, after you already admitted that, you go into this whole thing about AT&T or Apple maybe bribing the cops (the FBI) to go bust him on a drug charge, and insinuating that they could, "wield that sort of influence." Are you on drugs and you just forgot that the whole thing was totally kosher before you wrote the second part?
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    just lost my lunch.
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    Originally Posted by chronster View Post

    Too many movies? More like I'm a citizen of the United States of America and I know exactly what kind of influence a corporation can have.

    Dude, you are an ultra paranoid Nutbar who is well on your way to ending up just like this guy.. I sure had a great time reading your posts though lol.
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