Inside Apple's App Store Review Guidelines: 'We don't need anymore Fart apps'



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    Originally Posted by Haggar View Post

    But what are people who defended Apple's past policies going to do now? If they continue to argue that third party tools are bad and complain that Apple should never have changed their policy, then wouldn't that contradict Apple's current position, thus making them "Apple haters" and "trolls"? If they switch position to coincide with Apple new policy that third party tools are ok, then does that prove the poster's point that these people lack "intellectual consistency"?

    Why are you assuming Apple's overall stance is any different?
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    Good to see that the Top (free) App on the German App Store is ...

    Pimple Popper Lite

    Makes a change from Fart Pro, and Piss Lite I suppose.

    BTW, can anyone tell a difference between the categories "New and Notable", "Current" and "Editor's Tips" ? (sorry, translated these from German, as I'm only *allowed* to use the German App Store...

    And why is the IKEA app (just picked one at random) an Editor's Favourite, when 461 out of 767 reviewers gave it ONE star?

    It'd be nice to be able to filter the rubbish out using keywords, ratings etc. Or am I supposed to try and click my way through 200,000 apps to find the (perhaps) 0.1 % that are any good?
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