Apple looking into iPhone 4 glass-breaking third-party cases - report



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    If the glass cracks due to normal use, it is Apple's problem to solve.

    Can you imagine the damage that would be done to the brand with a meme that "without a case, it drops calls, but with a case, the glass cracks"?

    Look - the new design has problems. First the detuning problem with the innovative touch-exposed antenna, and now the innovative glass exterior is cracking in normal use.

    Methinks that Apple needs new test regimens.

    Originally Posted by razorpit View Post

    You're not the only one.

    So far I am highly enjoying my iPhone 4. Just got my free case today - InCase Snap Smoke. Quite nice. Using it "naked" before this (it has PowerSupport front and back screen protectors though).

    Overall I am quite happy. But this could change if my glass broke. But for now, happy.
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