Apple promises an unforgettable iTunes announcement coming Tuesday



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    Originally Posted by montefuego View Post

    The tricky thing here is that they are specifically pointing out time clocks in London and Tokyo, which would seem to not include the possibility of video streaming, that kind of thing, which would presumably be limited to the U.S.

    i unfortunately agree, that it is probably the Beatles, which is a bigger deal to Steve Jobs than probably anyone else. I already bought the CD's I want, and imported them into Itunes. Being able to download them is no big deal...

    I wish it were something bigger, and still hope it is.

    I could be The Beatles or even ACDC. Probably the former if it is a music announcement. However, if so, would the catalogue be available to the whole world not just US and UK etc? If it is released worldwide then The Beatles would be No1 around the globe this Christmas.

    Of course it could be the cloud based iTunes that has long been rumored or a subscription model. This would both suit Apple's current products e.g. Apple TV.

    Does anyone know if a live video feed is available?
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    Originally Posted by Motlee View Post

    Maybe when more than 10 people in a given population understand what the hell you are talking about without explanation, Apple would consider it.

    While storage on a HDD may be a non-issue, on iDevices it is.

    Even if storage wasn't an issue these "audio philes" would still tell you they can hear the difference on the single mono speaker on iDevices.
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    Event at 10AM EST not PST.......

    Means the event in Cupertino.

    Now, where could Apple be having this event on the east coast?

    Its probably just iOS 4.2
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    Originally Posted by mobycat View Post

    I disagree. A Beatles announcement would be huge. Granted, anyone who wants them on their hard drive already has them - having the access on iTunes wouldn't mean much as far as obtaining them. But the mere fact that the Beatles finally are available online... that's huge.

    Perhaps for a Beatles fan who hasn't already bought them all on CD, but not so much of a big deal for the general public and certainly not one worthy of this teaser. If it is just a Beatles announcement, a lot of people really won't care, which is why it pretty much can't be the Beatles.
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    MacProMacPro Posts: 19,649member
    Originally Posted by dad2ways View Post

    There has been quite a bit of buzz going on in the business world for the past few months because Sony Corp is up for sale and the asking price is well under half the amount of money Apple usually has available in liquid assets just sitting in savings.

    Apple's acquiring Sony would be a boom to all of its divisions, but the first to feel the love would have to be iTunes and the iTunes Music Store. Sony entertainment holdings include the major conglomerate known as Columbia/Tri-Star in the film and video division and that also includes a couple of dozen other major studio brands that are either owned or which they hold the distribution rights to. Then there is the music side of things where you have the huge Sony label, which owns the Michael Jackson catalog, and also owns several major labels like A&M and the distribution rights to several other major labels including some of the major players in key markets like Christian/Gospel music. I believe at one time Sony even owned the golden goose Apple Music, which, of course, if that is true and they still hold that property, would mean that Apple would have finally ended the feud between them and Apple Music, owners of the Beatles catalog.

    The announcement of a Sony Acquisition would be a sweet addition that would at least double their content delivery offerings, which not only increases the pleasure for the end user, but means that a whole slew of new users would be drawn over to iTunes, the iTunes Music Store, and the products that receive and manipulate content from them. Not to mention, what a boon to the advertisers that will be if such an announcement could potentially dramatically increase the number of iOS devices out there, ramping up from now through year's end.

    I agree there would be some very good fits to Apple. However the cynic in me thinks if Apple wanted to buy Sony, Google would be in there already trying to get them first. The fact Google isn't, makes me think Apple isn't interested.
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    Originally Posted by reliason View Post

    When I look at the times, the only time that has significant 'meaning' beyond being a time is Midnight in Tokoyo.

    As Midnight in Tokoyo will be 11/17 - could there be something Significant about 11/17/2010?

    as everyone pointed out, 7am Cupertino time is Odd for Apple.

    3pm London Time is Odd for London .

    NYSE opens about 9:30 so 10 EST could be possibly positioning itself for the market to have a full day to react rather than the normal 1PM EST events. So this makes me think that it could possibly appeal to investors and have a large financial investment announcement. Just a thought.
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    Originally Posted by digitalclips View Post

    The phrase "Think different" wasn't too hot on grammar either was it.

    The grammar of, "Think different," was fine.
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    Originally Posted by solipsism View Post

    You also just made my ignore list. Welcome back Teckdud!

    Every once in a while I forget that the AI message boards are filled with immature children. Thanks for reminding me.
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    Originally Posted by Flick Justice View Post

    I have a feeling we'll see ping integration with Facebook.

    Also they're sending me a mac book air and just want to let the world know.


    I thought about that but not everybody uses Facebook. The world clocks indicate that whatever it is will just be a flick of a switch, an upload, an online launch, something that people across the world could enjoy as it happens. Hence the early start in California with Midnight in Tokyo.

    I haven't got a bleeding clue have i?
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    wingswings Posts: 261member
    Apple just bought Netflix and if you purchase a dot-Mac account you get unlimited streaming of their entire movie library.

    But this wouldn't be important news outside the US, so I dunno. However, I bet it has a lot to do with the billion-dollar server farm just down the road from me.
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    Originally Posted by Mr Underhill View Post

    Erm i don't think the Great British tax payer would be too happy about that do you?

    It would also be on the the UK Apple TV models now. In the same way we don't get NetFlix.

    Don't think we get a choice on it...
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    I think it's obvious that they will be allowing you access to previously purchased media (e.g. if you've suffered crash) so you won't "forget" what you've lost. This ups the ante for other wannabe online stores. Apple has the ability to do so at low prices, if not for free, it's not like they have to keep a billion copies of lady Gaga, only 1, and a record of your purchase (which they obviously already have). And Apple shouldn't even care if THEY lose it since the record companies own the "original" and only "redistribute" it.

    How this affects anything, I don't know, but it looks great for Apple to advertise it. It doesn't really affect much because only X% of people lose all their music (and how much did they actually pay for?). It's more of a "confidence" feature. I don't even use iTunes, but I would rather have a feature to allow me to CLEAR the records of what I purchased.
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    Originally Posted by pembroke View Post

    "Back to the Mac' is a catch phrase, as is "Think different". However, "That you'll never forget." is simply embarrassing and shameful. That is English being ripped apart with 'extreme prejudice', to coin an Apocalypticly Now phrase.

    I find it humorous that you think the English language is somehow more precise than the jumbled hodge podge of other languages and messy rules-with-exceptions that it actually is.
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    Originally Posted by reliason View Post

    When I look at the times, the only time that has significant 'meaning' beyond being a time is Midnight in Tokoyo.

    As Midnight in Tokoyo will be 11/17 - could there be something Significant about 11/17/2010?

    as everyone pointed out, 7am Cupertino time is Odd for Apple.

    3pm London Time is Odd for London - I'd expect either earlier or later for the Beattles announcement.

    Interesting observations.

    The fact that these times appear in the announcement suggest that it is relevant to all of these markets.

    It's also early enough to have a significant impact on stock tradings for the day.
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    thomprthompr Posts: 1,521member
    Originally Posted by Not_Sure View Post

    Will it include the implementation of longer song samples?


    I realize the second link says US, but why can't Apple just piss off the global record industry instead of just the US branch?

    Increasing the length of the music previews doesn't seem like an "unforgettable" event to me. Does it to you?

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    MacProMacPro Posts: 19,649member
    Originally Posted by anonymouse View Post

    The grammar of, "Think different," was fine.

    Perhaps you speak English 'different' from me?

    Some good comments here, I know it was just a slogan , I was kidding around.
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    Ok, I'm convinced, it's iLaLo.

    for non-itunes content (not purchased from iTunes) we will have to load them to mobileMe...
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    Originally Posted by Headrush69 View Post

    Even if storage wasn't an issue these "audio philes" would still tell you they can hear the difference on the single mono speaker on iDevices.

    hmmm... The world has changes. We can get the best of both worlds, in fact every worlds. Starting with Lossless music on iTunes, then streaming and lastly AirPlay. Do you see now what will happen?
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    Originally Posted by Mr Underhill View Post

    If it's something familiar to most users, like iTunes, then Apple may feel a press conference would be a waste of time. Besides it gives people time to leak information. Have you noticed how flat Apple's keynotes have been, in terms of audience response lately?

    As it's iTunes related i tend to agree with Solipsism and think it'll be a web-based iTunes model.

    It's dominating the homepage of most of the Apple sites worldwide so it must be fairly big, as that's a lot of advertising space to give up for something trivial.

    I think the web-based iTunes model is much too big a deal not to have a press conference or keynote involved. Perhaps Gruber's guesses are the most accurate. He thinks it could be as simple as 4.2 announcement. He admits he is totally speculating. His point is similar to mine ?What could Apple announce without a media event to explain and demo it??.
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    Originally Posted by i386 View Post

    ...It definitely would be nice if Apple gave the end-user the choice to download loseless versions in 16bit 44.1khz (or 24bit at higher sampling rate if we are dreaming! :-) )

    If that were the case, then I'd buy all my music from iTunes. However, when I can buy a CD for the same price as an iTunes download, I'll take the CD.
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