22 months after announcement, Google Latitude app comes to Apple's iPhone



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    trust is the downfall of naive fools. i'm a realist.

    Originally Posted by Blah64 View Post

    Hope you're joking, but if not, I can see this relationship is built on trust...

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    Originally Posted by Blah64 View Post

    But none of these companies will have the same management in a few years. What happens then? They OWN your data, and there's nothing you can do about it!

    I have felt for years that we need a law or a change to the Constitution that states this simple rule: Every individual owns their personal information. No entity or person can use that information without permission. Only the government under specifically defined circumstances would be allowed to use your information.

    To me this would be so simple. You use my personal info without my permission, you go to jail. Or pay me me a million dollars. This would include the credit bureaus. Those guys really piss me off. They make billions off of our personal financial data. Sorry guys that stuff is mine - hands off.
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    Originally Posted by pmz View Post

    There's nothing to get. Your analysis is spot on, 100% accurate. These things are stupid, stupid, stupid, terrible ideas.

    It makes me cringe to think of how dumb people make potential criminals lives so much easier than they've ever been before. Most people publish their activities and locations up to the minute, and they also don't even own guns Anymore!

    How dumb can you possibly be? I'm pretty certain facebook foursquare lattitude and the like are the barometer.

    Sir I completely agree with your post. While privacy settings can be changed on Google, I always wonder. Google seems more trustable than Facebook though. Facebook I feel like I have to check my settings every week to make sure they haven't jacked them up.

    jragosta Google Books is the best thing since sliced bread. When I research now and find that a book isn't on Google Books I first am stunned. Then I realize I am actually going to have to go to the library. Ugh. Ah well at least we don't have those card catalogs anymore. I must be getting old. I still remember those.
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