Apple set to open Mac App Store at noon Eastern on Thursday - report



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    I take it that the App Store will still tie into your iTunes account, therefore you could still walk into a store and purchase an iTunes Card and then redeem this against your account - you dont need a credit card to have an iTunes Account. And some stores in the UK have a 2 x £15 for £20 from time to time, so another 3rd off :-)

    Yeah, that's why I said "most people", which probably read a little funny without context, so I'll explain. Unless the process has changed, it was rather tricky to create an account with a gift card without attaching it to a credit card. I asked at our local Apple store, and the sales person didn't think it was possible. But after I persisted they asked another sales person. That person also didn't think it was possible, but eventually they asked a store guru, who said it was possible, but required going through the process very carefully and IIRC doing something odd and counter-intuitive at some point. Sorry about not being more specific, but it's been quite some time back and I've forgotten the details (I should have done a little net searching before typing this!). In any case, I don't think most people know about this, and if the sales staff at the Apple stores are saying it's not possible, I think most people will just take their word for it.

    Personally, I very much appreciate that this is possible, for without it I would not own my iPod Touch(s) and many apps.

    Has anyone here in the U.S. created an account with only a gift card recently? Is it easier than it used to be?

    And WOW on the 2x£15 for £20! Has anyone seen that kind of deal here in the U.S.??

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    The bonus about digital downloads is that it will never get lost, never get scratched and you cant lend it to your mate to never see it again, I only use my DVD drive now a days to burn the occasional DVD Disk, since having my Macbook Pro for other a year - I haven't installed a single App via the drive.

    But as mentioned earlier, you can't sell it to someone else! ;-) Seriously though, I don't think this is a huge deal because very little software is sold after one is done with it. Usually at that point it's just old and irrelevant. But in some cases it could be a downside.

    Originally Posted by SixteenOne View Post

    One big concern though with the Appstore is: does this mean the end of MacHeist and the like ??? :-(

    Good question. That would be unfortunate.
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