Verizon iPhone to use existing plans, similar to AT&T



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    I doubt it. Data on cellphones is the carrier?s bread and butter. You might be able to find some work around but I think that would be more likely on an unlocked iPhone GSM, not an iPhone CDMA which will have to be cracked.

    If Verizon keeps unlimited data for the iPhone -and- AT&T disallows the continuation of unlimited data when you sign a new iPhone contract I?d have to consider switching, even if it meant losing simultaneous voice and data, and losing the speed of HS*PA. Outside of that I have no use for Verizon.

    You don't need to unlock an iPhone GSM in order to use it without a data plan. Simply install a non-data plan SIM card and it will work. My son is using my old 3GS with no problems -- cellular for phone calls and WiFI for data.
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