Apple iBooks app indicates iPad 2 will quadruple resolution to 2048x1536



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    Could this be the reason for the recently reported shortage of screen components worldwide?

    If so, then wow, just wow!
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    I seriously doubt we will see that high a resolution. Even regular displays don't have that kinda res until you reach 30" displays meant for people who work with graphics daily.

    It would also mean that games would have to be run at a lower resolution and upscaled or alternatively would need to have very low quality textures because the devices don't have enough VRAM (do they even have any?) to handle that high a res with lots of textures.

    I recently had a chance to try the iPad and despite being used to my iPhone 4's resolution, the iPad's didn't feel all that bad. I felt that a minor upgrade would be sufficient to make it feel like a "retina display".

    It's a shame we still seem to be far away from haptic feedback on touchscreens. That's what I truly want before switching from a Macbook Pro to an iPad. It also wouldn't hurt having support for at least Flash video...
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    Originally Posted by solipsism View Post

    That is certainly one area in which Apple?s position can be devastating to others.

    I think I?ve seen one vendor use the 960x640 display of the iPhone. I?m not sure if it was IPS or if it ever shipped. I think it was for Japan only. I don?t think I?ve seen any vendor match or exceed the iPhone?s pixel density or total pixels. The max for Android phones still seems to be 854x480.

    edit: It was a Sharp IS03 for KDDI au in Japan. It isn?t IPS but it is Sharp?s equivalent, ASV.

    I Can Tell You The Reality of IS03!

    Its Battery Doesn't Last 2 Hours!!!!!!!!!!

    So Some Users Are Throwing IT into The " Dust Bin "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It's ENTIRE A Shame for Both Android Phone and Japanese Manufacture!
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    realisticrealistic Posts: 1,154member

    You can't deny that the CES videos of the playbook and honeycomb blows away the ipad in every single way.

    I won't deny them anything, but I also won't condone them either. I've been in the computer industry since 1976 and seen too many great demo products that never transitioned well into a finished product.

    I will wait to see actual shipping products and evaluate them then.
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    Originally Posted by Realistic View Post

    I won't deny them anything, but I also won't condone them either. I've been in the computer industry since 1976 and seen too many great demo products that never transitioned well into a finished product.

    I will wait to see actual shipping products and evaluate them then.

    Fair enough, i mean we all know what happened with the MS courier. I think google and honeycomb are a lot different, and they are not going to show vapour ware. If anything, we can bet that honeycomb will be better than the demo's at CES, and contain MORE cool things. But overall I agree, until we can put the iPad 2, a honeycomb tablet, and the playbook onto the same table as finished products, we won't know for sure. Right now apple hasn't played any of it's card, but RIM and Google have, so I think apple is in a really good position to take the lead once again.
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    bugsnwbugsnw Posts: 717member
    That last iPhone update with the retina display and new body was a very aggressive update. Except for the iPods, it was one of the most ambitious upgrades I've seen from Apple.

    It would appear that Jobs wants to put some distance between Apple's mobile kit and the rest of the players.

    Even knowing that Apple is putting so much energy into their iPhones and iPads, such an upgrade as this thread suggests seems a little too ambitious. I would be overjoyed to see it and am excited as hell to see how Apple responds to its competitors with its v2 product.

    But 4 x the resolution and much faster GPUs and new CPU, more ram, and same or better battery life?

    How many of us would upgrade? My guess would be 70%+. Craigslist better get ready.....
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    matrix07matrix07 Posts: 1,993member
    Originally Posted by bugsnw View Post

    But 4 x the resolution and much faster GPUs and new CPU, more ram, and same or better battery life?


    I'll sell my kidney for it.

    Seriously if these specs are real then it's game over.. for this year at least.
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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 15,376moderator
    Originally Posted by AppleInsider View Post

    Apple has reportedly slipped multiple examples of "@2" graphics in versions of its iBooks app, one targeted at iPhone 4 and another at a high resolution future iPad, according to tweets and a separate developer report.

    As mentioned earlier, trying to push that many pixels natively in a game would be very difficult so they will be running at a non-native resolution. The iPad probably doesn't even need a retina display. If they can manage it and it works fine, ok but it seems more like the apps are being prepared for use on the Mac.
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    aeolianaeolian Posts: 189member
    Originally Posted by poke View Post

    If this is true, it's going to blow the top off my skull. I seriously don't think they could put a display of that quality in such a low cost product. Especially when you look at what the competition are offering for the same price. It'd need a beefier CPU/GPU and more RAM. They'd still have to get a 10 hour battery life. It'd still need something like IPS for view angle. Can they do this? It sure looks like they plan to.

    Here's your iPad3 that's in the source code. It's the version you can only order from Apple. ...What we've been waiting for... Then again, maybe just me. They do offer upgradable products on their other 'more advanced' product lines.
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    Originally Posted by thesmoth View Post

    I've seen a few iPad 2 suggestions and they have me thinking a couple of interesting things. I think I have a bit of a unique perspective for these forums because I currently have an android 2.2 phone that I LOVE, and the videos from CES of the android honeycomb tablets have been really steering me away from apple. After seeing the videos of honeycomb and the playbook at CES I knew 100% in my mind the the iPad 2 would probably not compete, and that unless apple stepped up with great hardware AND a major iOS revision, I was going with honeycomb. Now after reading through the speculation in this thread it has me a bit excited, but let me explain. Right now i'm not in the position of an apple fanboy that will buy anything apple releases for the iPad 2 and is just hoping for the best specs possible, i'm in the position of an android user that sees honeycomb competing and wanting to get the best value for my dollar.

    Now seeing these specs posted in this thread makes me excited, and makes me think "hell ya, if apple did that I think they would win me over from honeycomb and i'd buy the iPad 2 instead no question".

    2048x1536 s-IPS screen

    1 gig of ram

    dual core A9 processor

    fast GPU (possibly dual core gpu to keep up with the big screen)

    32 gig base size

    Now my 'old school' mentality for these kinds of crazy upgraded specs from apple would be "never going to happen". With apple the give you the LEAST that they can, while charging the most that they can. These specs not only MATCH what the other android tablets are providing, but they are actually beating it by a good margin (well the CPU, Ram, and possibly GPU are just matching the new android tablets, but the screen would be destroying them). Usually what happens is you think of what you would really WANT apple to provide, and think of the competition and what apple would need to provide to MATCH them, and then drop that down quite a bit and that is what you'll get.

    So my old school thinking goes "hell no apple doesn't compete like that, they use the app store and iOS as selling points and keep the specs lower than competition in order to keep margins high". So then we might expect...

    Dual core A9 processor

    512 megs of ram

    Same resolution screen as iPad 1, maybe better colour or something

    better GPU, single core

    16 gig base size

    BUT, then I start thinking about those first specs I posted, the crazy ones people are speculating in this thread based on the image leaks in 4.3. I think about how they made me feel about the iPad in comparison to the awesome stuff we saw at CES from honeycomb and the playbook. Even most apple fanboys were watching those videos and saying "ok apple, check mate" cause for the first time google and RIM not only matched the iPad, but totally blew it away on the hardware and software side. So maybe apple will take things seriously and really blow us away in turn with the specs, which it doesn't normally do. Like people in this thread are saying if they can come out with the high end specs listed above, but sell 40 million units (lets say maybe if they come out with the lower end specs I listed above, they might sell 30 million units because people like me and many other might go over to honeycomb or RIM) they are still turning huge profit in numbers AND getting tons more users for the app store and iAds.

    Coming from partial outsider view with my android phone replacing my ipod touch and my desire to get an iphone, completely, I was thinking about the lower specs shown above and thinking "without a major iOS overhaul, and I mean MAJOR update, I will probably go with a tegra 2 honeycomb tablet", but with the specs above I was thinking "holy shit that looks awesome, even though honeycomb looks great I'm going to get the iPad 2 even if the iOS update doesn't quite match honeycomb". Those specs look so good I would be swayed over and I think a lot of other sceptical people would too.

    This is probably juts wishful thinking and we'll probably see something more like the lower end specs I posted above, but man wouldn't that be cool to see apple step up and squash the competition? I mean really, with iOS, the app store, iAds, etc... this isn't a hardware pushing game anymore, this is a battle of online ecosystems where you want to be able to tell developers/advertisers that you have XXX million people on your system. If the iPad 2 is so spectacular that people have to turn away the already impressive looking playbook and honeycomb tablets, then apple can say "hey we sold 40 million this year and honeycomb/playbook sold only a couple million" and guess where developers/advertisers will go?

    It could be a case of the earlier iphones where apple had a lot better hardware ready to go, but put in the minimum they needed based on the competition. For a few years there was no smartphone competition and apple could reign with minimal updates, and then all of a sudden android starts taking over and so apple releases the iphone 4 (probably one of the most drastic hardware upgrades we've seen from apple) with new case, retina display, more ram, better CPU, better camera, front facing camera, etc...

    I could see the same thing happening now going to the iPad 2, only earlier now because the competition was more ready to jump at apple and fight back.

    Swap the S-IPS for H-IPS.
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    Originally Posted by Marvin View Post

    As mentioned earlier, trying to push that many pixels natively in a game would be very difficult so they will be running at a non-native resolution. The iPad probably doesn't even need a retina display. If they can manage it and it works fine, ok but it seems more like the apps are being prepared for use on the Mac.

    I would be content to play games at 1024x768 res whilst everything else running at native res such ad reading books, web, video etc. the text would be so sharp!
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    I knew it. And when I spoke it here, I was ridiculed. Well then, I really hope they can do it. If there's any company in the world right now with the ability to do such a thing, it's Apple. If they can bring themselves to build a product with that kind of resolution, I'll surely buy it
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    dunksdunks Posts: 1,254member
    Originally Posted by nvidia2008 View Post

    They could have games still limited to 1024x768 and everything else higher res.

    What's a 1.5x resolution? 1536x1152 ie. closest to 1600x1200

    This would be very doable and scale really well and could still run games, etc.

    Scaling by non integer values does introduce significant distortion, especially for text and straight lines. I suppose you could windowbox the game though. That might work.

    I wonder what pre-iPhone-4 apps will look like on it at 4x zoom.
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    irelandireland Posts: 17,798member
    iPad 2 will have an amazing display. But it will be so amazing any advantage iPad 2 has in terms of power and RAM increase will be used up by this iPad 2 display. So essentially, when all is said and does iPad 2 will still have the same RAM constraints as iPad 1, but with a better looking display and 2 cameras. Safari, other apps and the iPad itself will still max out and slow down prematurely.

    I hope I'm wrong.

    Don't get me wrong, I love the iPad, but it maxes-out a tad to early to be so great it brings me to tears.
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    wingswings Posts: 261member
    Originally Posted by thesmoth View Post

    I'm not an android fanboy, i've just used a good android phone with 2.2 and find it to be better than iOS in many ways (although the market place is garbage compared to the app store, which obviously is a huge deal and makes iOS much better for multimedia). And I know that most people on these forums are apple fan boys.

    Bull. You ARE an Android fanboy and it shows in everything you say. And you think you will have something some day in Android that will blow the socks off last year's iPad. Wow. No kidding. You've been given a sneak peak at something Android will have one day and since Apple doesn't do sneak peaks all you have to go on to compare the two is your imagination. Why not wait and see what the new iPad has and compare it to what the new Android has (key word is "has", not "will have").
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    Originally Posted by LouisTheXIV View Post

    sure... and then quadruple the current price.

    That's a tad pessimistic. And unsupported by evidence or history. It's not like Steve's going to say "Oh, and one more thing... the iPad 2 is gonna start at $1999." Apple would not shoot themselves in the brain like that.
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    pmzpmz Posts: 3,433member
    Originally Posted by solipsism View Post

    I?m still not sold on this, then again I wasn?t on the iPhone 4 display until we had some proof coming out of China.

    1) The biggest issue with sourcing components came from the display.

    2) The resolution isn?t bad and it already pushes more pixels than those other 7? tablets. Sure, they have a higher ppi, but in regards to the GPU you need more RAM and a more powerful system to push it. Is the PowerVR SGX453 rumoured to be coming up to that task?

    Before you say yes, note these simple stats.
    • iPhone 3GS: 480x320 = 153,600 pixels

    • iPhone 4: 960x640 = 614,400 pixels

    • iPad 1: 1024x768 = 786,432 pixels

    • iPad 2: 2048x1536 = 3,145,728 pixels

    That?s a huge jump. How will game play be affected? How with UI performance be affected? How will battery life be affected? Personally, I don?t want to lose a second of battery life for a higher resolution display.

    Yeah, they got it wrong. It?s quadruple the number of pixels, but it?s only double the resolution, since resolution is resolved by perpendicular axes.

    The equation is: 3438 * (1/n ppi) = number of inches you?ll need to hold it from your face.

    or: 3438 * (1/n?) = the pixels per inch along one axis the display much have.

    These are based on 20/20 vision.

    Truthfully, you know zero about what the Apple A5 is capable of. So no matter how many times between now and the announcement you repost this same point, you're not contributing anything useful. We all get it. 3 million pixels is a lot to push. We'll see what happens.
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    Originally Posted by LouisTheXIV View Post

    sure... and then quadruple the current price.

    And halve the battery life?
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    kolchakkolchak Posts: 1,398member
    I promised myself I wasn't going to upgrade my iPad for a couple of years. It looked like that was going to easy when the rumors said cameras and bigger speaker. Now they're saying dual core CPU, improved GPU and double resolution display. Sure, make me a liar!
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    Originally Posted by ghostface147 View Post

    More fragmentation. 480x320, 960x640, 1024x768, and possibly 2048x1536. Everything will look horrible upscaled.

    It is all the same iOS. No fragmentation exists according to some prolific commentators.

    I think that they like to play word games.
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