Google Android counts include rival Chinese variants



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    More proof that there's a lot of crap circulating around, and none of it runs iOS.

    Whoring out your OS to any and all takers - right down to junk-purveyors, and then claiming market share gains when your lousy junk sells boatloads because it's cheap and features some poorly-implemented touchscreen is hardly impressive.

    It's a lame, fragmented platform that isn't really making anyone any money except the carriers.

    We're learning that profit-share is a much greater signifier of success than market-share.

    So I guess BMW is more successful than Toyota because it's cars cost more?

    Just because Apple can fool it's customers into paying $700 for something that costs $187 to make does not mean it's a successful company. It means it has better marketting..that's really about it.

    One thing I will tell you about Android users...we ain't suckers.
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    Originally Posted by Archos View Post

    While I consider myself an advocate of open source, this spreading of Android to China is also a notable example of how Google is potentially destroying any opportunity, not just for itself, but for all Western companies, to compete in China against free software.

    Google's counterfeit Java clone-iPhone OS, which it gives away in hopes of expanding its ad platform, does not benefit Google when it is simply appropriated to serve as an Android clone. But it will potentially kill markets for iPhones, RIM, Symbian and other Western companies in China.

    We used to have export restrictions that limited encryption products or super computers from being sold to our enemies. Well China is a primary trade competitor. If Google gives away software (that the Chinese would not otherwise have been able to develop on their own, and let's get real, China can't write software), then Google is simply handing China the wealth of the West in a failed bid to spread its ads.

    We can all stop crying for Foxconn employees, because our kids' kids will soon enough be working as Chinese slave labor. Thanks for sharing Google.

    So what? If these other companies can't beat free software they deserve to be out of business. That's preposterous. I am going to make this thing at cost and give it away for free...and I am going to beat you even though you are selling your thing and it is a "better" product? You deserve to be out of business. That's shameful. American companies have become soft and complacent. Blackberry and Microsoft should be ashamed that free software can beat their product offerings. That's what they get for selling "good enough" software for years...essentially betraying their customers.
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    1. Stop assuming that China doesn't know how to write software. They have been manufacturing and using phones in much larger volumes than the US for a longer time. They also make clones of every new smartphone including the iPhone. But the OS is not the same. Do you think writing an OS that behaves like the iOS is trivial?

    2. Android's bubble will burst and the sales will slow down. Already there is talk about "too much android" from large vendors.

    3. For heaven's sake give me an outbound firewall and Adblock for my Android phone!
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