Apple may be prepping iPad 3 for fall 2011 launch - rumor



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    Originally Posted by Intosh View Post

    See how competition is good for all consumers, including Apple evangelists? If not for competition, Apple would have released iPad 1.5 this year to milk Apple fans and launch the (real) iPad 2 only next year.

    Good point. Also the iPhone nano - if true. Without the Android threat that would not be contemplated.
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    Originally Posted by asdasd View Post

    TO respond to Whozown - Android sales have not taken a hit. Not before the release of the Verizon phone anyways.

    To those of you who doubt this ( basically based on the idea that Apple have an internal law on releasing once per year only), lets think about the $4B and what it was spent on.

    A good guess, an educated guess, is spending on displays and capital equipment to make the production of displays quicker and easier, and facilitate the tablet retina displays. And as we know from releases of 4.3 there seems to be large X2 iPad images floating around, indicating there are pre-production models in Cupertino. So lets imagine Cook and Jobs discussing this.

    Jobs: We spent loads of money on new displays and factories can we make April for iPad retina displays?

    Cook: No, we cannot. Production can get going in Summer though with enough supplies for a worldwide release in September.

    Jobs. Not soon enough for iPad 2. And since we only release in April ( we dont want to upset readers of AI) best we mothball those factories for the year and start them up in January, maybe Februrary even though the competition may get retina type displays within a year, and will have 2-3 release cycles under their belts. The important thing is April. April is essential.

    Cook. True, always release in April for iPads. Thats my motto.

    Jobs. We didnt get where we are today by not releasing in April.

    Cook. True, only one release so far though.

    Jobs: But in April. Thats the lucky month for iPads. Lets not upset the Apple Cart. Slow down production at the factories and mothball the new ones until Jan.

    Cook. Sure thing, oh wise one. Good pun on Apple carts.

    Brilliant! More! I love to laugh....
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    Is there anyone else who sees an iPad 3 rumor as a clever ruse to halt people from investing in iPad 2 by other tablet makers?

    just a tought.
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    Originally Posted by tmamer2007 View Post

    Is there anyone else who sees an iPad 3 rumor as a clever ruse to halt people from investing in iPad 2 by other tablet makers?

    Conspiracies abound!
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