Consumer Reports claims Apple's Verizon iPhone 4 suffers same antenna issue



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    Everybody can be bought.

    Do you think CI are pure and cannot be influenced by a wheel-barrow load of money brought in by Google ? The sworn enemy of Apple.



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    "Scientists have said repeatedly that there is no known biological mechanism to explain how nonionizing radiation might lead to cancer or other health problems."

    And it was a 7% difference in brain activity after nearly a 50 minute exposure. Plus it said it sped up brain activity so might even be beneficial. Maybe the radiation from the brain scan was even interfering with the test.

    People who use their phone for a prolonged period of time can use a bluetooth headset. One can be provided on long call-time plans for free.

    Even the researchers indicated that the main import of the findings was that more work needs to be done investigating these issues. On the other hand it's a clearly demonstrated significant effect, and, while it isn't known if it's a dangerous effect, the prudent thing is to be cautious about it. (I doubt very much that it's "beneficial", although, it could be benign.) Also, a bluetooth headset may produce a similar effect since it will be producing similar radiation, albeit at lower levels. In the meantime, while more effort is put into studying the effects, cell phone manufacturers would be wise to do what they can to minimize exposure.

    I would also point out that the absence of a, "known biological mechanism," is in no way indicative that there is not a mechanism. For instance, for Darwin, there was no, "known biological mechanism," to explain the transmission of traits from parent to offspring, nor the appearance of variations, yet these things still occurred, and today we know what mechanisms explain them. So, that it isn't known can mean that there isn't one, or that it just isn't known. (I'd further point out that I'm entirely neutral on the question of whether EM radiation can cause cancerous or other tumors.)
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    [QUOTEWith your brilliant deduction, ALL iPhone 4s are bad.

    Funny, I have one, no problems due to the phone, if a call is dropped its because its CARRIER related. I wonder if this sinks in, or will you continue to bag the world's best mobile phone ?][/QUOTE]

    My dropped calls on the iPhone 4, were a result of.........??? I don't know, CARRIER or iPhone 4.....???

    The only reason I thought it might be the iPhone 4, because of all the antennagate chatter, because in talking with Apple store employees they said 'I should not expect the iPhone 4 to be as good as the 3GS at holding onto calls', AND (most importantly) because I had very few dropped calls on my 3G and my 3GS. If I never had any problems with the CARRIER with my 3G and my 3GS, why then (when all I switched was the phone) is the CARRIER all of a sudden to blame.....I don't understand. ALL I CHANGED WAS THE PHONE!
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    Originally Posted by White Rabbit View Post

    Well, well, well its my good buddy jfanning.

    Did the moderators get back to you when you attacked me on this site ?

    I see you are spouting your usual garbage in attacking someone who does not live in your country.

    I thought this site was open to all people ? So now you have taken it upon yourself to filter out those that can/can't make comment.

    Its very obvious that is your intention based on your post.

    WTF are you talking about?

    I know you were confused to start with, what is your problem now?
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