Apple's iPad 2 prompts Samsung to improve 'inadequate' parts of Galaxy Tab 10.1



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    Ha ha -- this is not the first time someone has suggested this process is a regular process...

    If what you are saying is correct, pls explain the following:

    - Why is it that there is no other manufacturer using Unibody construction techniques for anything else. In any industry. Forget computers, even high end defense and aerospace equipment where strength to weight ratio is very important, use casting followed by precision finishing. Nowhere else do they start with a block of Aluminium and finish with the final product.

    - Secondly, there is a clear video from Apple, showing the process used to make the Unibody iMac. The "hole" where the screen is, ends up as two unibody keyboards. Can you tell me any machining procedure that can cut out these holes - leaving behind big solid chunks of Aluminium to cut out the Keyboards from? Or do you think Jon Ive is lying through his teeth in that video?

    - Thirdly, Aluminium can be recycled cheaper than it can be made - but still, if Apple converts blocks of Aluminium into 95% by weight of scrap in each round, then this process would be WAY TOO EXPENSIVE. Every tonne of Aluminium will end up getting melted about 20 times! Or is it your case that Apple's costs/margins are high enough to absorb the expense of melting the Aluminium 20 times??

    Get real - those links you posted are nothing but speculation - people are guessing Apple's processes as much as you and I are.

    Would love to see your responses to my points - if you have any!

    His judgement is obviously clouded by his hate for Apple or he's bot smart enough to realize that a process to make a process more efficient can be a rede secret. In fact, if we go back to early production of steel I-beams we can see this very thing (I forget the person who oneness it).

    I wonder why he thinks Apple is able is able to mill the Mac Mini case and the top case for the MBA display and yet so few vendors are able to copy Apple's lead here except in a minimal way. I bet he doesn't think Google didn't invent their search algorithms simply because they didn't invent the first algorithm.
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