Favorite Christmas Songs Thread

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Greetings This is where you can post your favorite Christmas songs.

Feel free to include the artist and remix etc.

If you have none feel free to browse...

I will start this off with the following:

Ave Maria just about every variation

O Holy Night just about every variation

These two songs are so wonderful...

Please add your favorites..



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    emaneman Posts: 7,204member
    Well they're not Christmas songs, but all three of Adam Sandler's Chanukah songs. And I think my favorite Christmas song is Grandma Got Runover By a Reindeer.
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    [quote]Originally posted by EmAn:

    <strong>Well they're not Christmas songs, but all three of Adam Sandler's Chanukah songs. And I think my favorite Christmas song is Grandma Got Runover By a Reindeer.</strong><hr></blockquote>

    I love the Adam Sandler song!!!

    and would you believe I heard the Grandma got Runover By a Reindeer song today in the car with my Sister and family? hehehehe

    was fun

    God Bless!

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    scottscott Posts: 7,431member
    I don't think I have one. They just don't do it for me.
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    jeffyboyjeffyboy Posts: 1,055member
    I like "Good King Wenceslas" and "I Saw Three Ships."

    Probably because I don't hear them as much as some of the more overplayed ones.

    Anything sung by Sinatra is pretty cool, too. Man, he recorded a TON of Christmas song over the years!

    May I add what I don't like? Whichever novelty song is hot in any given year, (Grandma WAS a classic, though) and anything by Manhiem Steamroller!

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    I really like "Cruci-fiction in Space".

    Oh, and the one that goes "Silent night, holy night..."

    Yep, I think those are my two favourite christmass songs.
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    The entire A Christmas Gift to You... album by Phil Spector but especially Frosty the Snowman by the Ronettes.

    Oh, and Step into Christmas by Elton John.


    Stop the Cavalry by Jonah Lewie

    Comfort and Joy by Simon & Garfunkel

    Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow by Dean Martin

    Alan Parsons in a Winter Wonderland by Grandaddy

    edit: I feel all christmassy now.

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    stunnedstunned Posts: 1,096member
    My all time favourite X'mas song - Santa Claus is coming to town!
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    satchmosatchmo Posts: 2,699member
    [quote]Originally posted by stupider...likeafox:


    Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow by Dean Martin


    Yes, yes, yes...anything by Dino is cool.

    As far as recent recordings, Chrissie Hyne of the Pretenders does a great rendition of "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas"
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    pscatespscates Posts: 5,847member
    All-time favorite, hand's down, is "O Holy Night". What a beautiful, beautiful song. In every way. ALWAYS gets me (either misty-eyed or a major throat lump).

    Martina McBride has a version of it that is simply chilling. I played it for a friend of mine at work one time in my cubicle, and I looked over and there were tears rolling out of her eyes!

    I also like "Little Drummer Boy". The words in it are kinda moving, if you think about it.

    And then, for some reason, I REALLY like hearing those Mannheim Steamroller instrumental versions of Christmas songs too. Kinda electronic-y, but with violins and stuff too. Sorta like ELO drank a bunch of egg nog...

    Those songs make me think of red velvet. And I don't know why. Just the instant visual I get, for some reason.

    But, over everything, "O Holy Night".

    I worked up a really nice version of it that I play on guitar a lot this time of year (I know a bunch of Christmas songs and usually make myself learn or stylize a new one or two every year). Just kinda fingerpicking/Chet Atkins sort of a thing. Sounds really nice. I normally don't play that style, but when December rolls around I usually lay the pick down and do more of a mellow fingerpicking style (melody with accompanying bass or jazzy chord melody treatments).

    Always fun.
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    pscatespscates Posts: 5,847member
    I just remembered another one I simply love: it isn't a traditional Christmas song, per se, but it certainly evokes a mood: "2000 Miles" by The Pretenders.

    Great jangly guitar and slightly aching lyrics. Makes me want to be somewhere snowy.

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    "Thirty-Two Feet And Eight Little Tails" by Gene Autry is one of my favorites.

    But there are quite a few Christmas songs that stir up many fond memories......it's all good
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    A few of my favorites:

    Santa Claus and His Old Lady ( Cheech & Chong )

    Little Saint Nick ( Beach Boys )

    Santa's Lament ( Father Guido Sarducci )

    The Twelve Pains of Christmas ( Don't remember )

    The Lord's Bright Blessing ( Mr. Magoo's Christmas )

    Last Christmas ( Wham )

    I Wonder as I wander ( Peter, Paul & Mary )

    All I want for Christmas is you ( Foghat )

    and of coarse who doesn't like

    Grandma got run over by a reindeer ( Elmo & Patsy )
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    matsumatsu Posts: 6,558member
    Outside the traditionally religious, they're mostly schmaltzy crap, like much of the contemporary religious music. Christian rock variations possibly the scariest thing in music today.

    However, Mannheim Steam-Roller sure is a lot of fun!
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    mimacmimac Posts: 871member
    "A Fairytale Of NewYork" by the Pogues and Kirsty MaColl.

    THE best Christmas song of all time!
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    newnew Posts: 3,244member
    "The Junky's Christmas" William S. Burroughs (+ Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy)
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    "Ave Maria" is a favorite of mine too as is "O Holy Night" and "Magnificat" from <a href="http://www.christianbook.com/Christian/Books/product/93551039?item_no=CD0245&event=ESRC&item_code=WW#cu rr" target="_blank">this CD</a>.
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    fave christmas tunes

    2000 miles - pretenders

    christmastime - aimee mann & michael penn

    run, run rudolph - keith richards

    all i want for christmas (is you) - douglas & tucker

    and i once heard a song by leon russell (about 30 years ago) that had the refrain "it's christmas in chicago and my baby left with santa claus" and i've never heard it since.
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    I don't like your name, Mr. Karate Car. But I do like these songs.

    Sliegh Ride, Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire, Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy and others.
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    Run Run Rudolph- Sheryl Crow's version

    Back Door Santa- John Popper/BB King

    Little Red Rooster- Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

    (All available on '"A Very Special Christmas 5"
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    pscatespscates Posts: 5,847member
    Ooh, the above post triggered another favorite of mine! "Run Run Rudolph" gets a GREAT treatment from Dave Edmunds! Sounds like the original Chuck Berry version, only better recorded.

    AND, I have a version of Keith Richards performing that same song live during one of his shows when he was touring with his band, the Expensive Winos.

    Keith's a big Chuck fan/disciple, so I figured he probably pulls that one out during Christmas-time gigs.

    I haven't heard Sheryl's, but cool rocking chick she is, I'm sure she does it justice.
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