Alleged fifth-gen iPhone part suggests camera lens, flash will be further apart



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    Originally Posted by jnjnjn View Post

    I am not worried.

    Originally Posted by foxhunter101 View Post

    If Apple ever did a slide out keypad on an iphone, I'd be moving to a different phone/company.

    Would it be ok by you if they made a version with a keyboard for the people who would dearly love to have an iPhone, but for their own personal reasons need a physical keyboard, whilst retaining the regular version for you?

    Or would you still switch? (are you that big of a douche?)
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    Originally Posted by mstone View Post

    Agree on all comments regarding the lack of usefulness, and would like to add that the biggest drawback is that it does nothing to protect an accidental drop on a hard surface or from scratching when in a briefcase. The original Apple case is much better at protecting the device, but for those who just want a thin stylish screen protector that leaves streaks, snaps shut abruptly, flops around when the device is in hand held use, doesn't protect the back, or corners or from impacts, it's perfect.

    I foresee a job in marketing for you!
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    Originally Posted by addabox View Post

    I understand what you're saying, and I imagine there might be some slight advantage in the manner you describe, but realistically we're talking about offsetting the flash a couple of inches. The advantageous affects of off camera flash typically involves at least a couple of feet if not yards.

    That is, the angle of offset between the incidence of illumination from the flash and the lens will be some tiny fraction of a degree-- probably not enough to make a huge difference. I'm guessing the earlier theory is right-- that it makes the white iPhone easier to engineer.

    True, what you say, to an extent. However, I think something like a (body-imbedded) LED flash produces a much narrower and focused "beam" of flash (as opposed to a true wide-field pro photo flash unit)

    At the least, just separating the flash away from the lens should improve picture quality somewhat.

    Most (not all) standard point and shoot cameras have their flash with about the same amount of separation as it looks like these iPhones will. (rumored)
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    Personally I'm more interested in why the back camera on the iPhone 5 appears to be as small as the front camera now, the size difference on the iPhone 4 on the lens size is obvious.

    Smaller camera means likely a smaller sensor which means lower-quality, noisier pictures.
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    Originally Posted by solipsism View Post

    The Smart Cover is the most brilliant accessory I?ve used. it?s indispensable to my iPad usage. Without it I wouldn?t use my iPad half as much as I do now.

    I know you are being sarcastic. You would have to be.
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    Originally Posted by nvidia2008 View Post

    The other thing to note is that the flash needs to be moved away from the lens because this was causing trouble with a lot of CASES... The light was bouncing off the cases back into the lens. That's why over the past year case manufacturers have had to adjust the opening for the lens and flash to avoid this problem... Some even advertise this advantage.

    I think even without a case I noticed "glare" from the flash.
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