Microsoft retracts Ballmer's Windows 8 in 2012 comments



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    Originally Posted by Ecphorizer View Post

    Reading to the grandkids again, I see.

    Tod, Ha!

    My dear departed Mother taught me many limericks (when I was the grandkids age) -- though not that particular * one!

    Things like:

    Two Irishmen, two Irishmen digging in a ditch...

    It's part of growing up!

    ...and look how I turned out...

    * That final line to the "Good Old Duke Of York" came about as a result of a Dale Carnegie course in effective communications. All the managers, marketing reps, and system engineers in the Las Vegas IBM office took the course -- two nights a week.

    After one session where the instructor had each of us story-tell the "Duke Of York" limerick -- we all retired to the local pub. After a few rounds and joking about the lecture -- the last line kinda' wrote itself!

    ... one - run; two - zoo; three - tree; four - door.....
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    Haggar and Macrulez. The question was could you imagine Apple retracting a statement from Steve Jobs. This doesn't call for a list of quotes from Jobs designed to throw the competition off but one where he announces a product which his own team have to deny. The former is beneficial to the company, the latter detrimental.
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    Windows 8? W-8 a minute!
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    Originally Posted by Smiles77 View Post

    The biggest mystery to me about Windows 8 is it's purported platform-agnosticness without full compatibility support. The whole point of having Windows running on ARM, Tegra, Texas Instruments, etc. (besides bragging rights) is to be able to switch to the most appropriate hardware for your needs while maintaining the same workflow. The fact that Microsoft has stated there will be no compatibility with X86-written Windows software is absolutely ludicrous. Can someone explain that logic to me?

    I don't think you're going to see ARM replacements for standard desktop/notebook Windows.

    ARM is for phone/tablet/tv using a tailored UI/UX. x86 is for the desktop with full backwards compatibility (as well as phone/tablet/tv if Intel get Atom sorted out).

    .NET provides code portability between the different architectures and form factors.
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    Originally Posted by Smiles77 View Post

    I predict GM at WWDC with public release within 30 days (likely 2 weeks).

    I hope you're right. I'm sure it won't support my late 2007 Macbook but we'll see. My late 2010 iMac will be fine though.
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    Originally Posted by revich View Post

    Like an aimless calvary commander...

    Erm. I think you mean cavalry.
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    Originally Posted by MacRulez View Post

    Smart phones?

    ?I get a lot of pressure to do a PDA. What people really seem to want to do with these is get the data out. We believe cellphones are going to carry this information. We didn?t think we?d do well in the cellphone business."

    - Steve Jobs


    ?It doesn?t matter how good or bad the product is, the fact is that people don?t read anymore. Forty percent of the people in the U.S. read one book or less last year. The whole conception is flawed at the top because people don?t read any more.?

    - Steve Jobs

    Video iPod?

    ?I?m not convinced people want to watch movies on a tiny little screen. To paraphrase Bill Clinton, ?It?s the music, stupid, it?s the music!? Music?s been around for a long time, will continue to be, it?s huge.?

    - Steve Jobs


    ?There are no plans to make a tablet. It turns out people want keyboards?. We look at the tablet, and we think it is going to fail.?

    - Steve Jobs

    There's a fundamental difference between Steve Jobs' "denials" quoted above and Ballmer's "cat-out-of-the-bag" gaffes. In Jobs' case, his statements are carefully calculated to either downplay/divert attention away from products that are currently brewing, or equally likely, to increase speculation, anticipation of products that Apple is "not" making.

    And then there's Steve Ballmer. Seriously, that man scares me.
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    Originally Posted by Futuristic View Post

    Erm. I think you mean cavalry.

    Leading the cavalry charge up Mt. Calvery maybe?
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    Originally Posted by Ecphorizer View Post

    Leading the cavalry charge up Mt. Calvery maybe?

    hahaha... Perhaps.
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