Cupertino mayor certain Apple's 'spaceship' campus will be approved



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    Originally Posted by Hiro View Post

    You got lambasted for making a host of unsubstantiated assertions and a holier than thou attitude surrounding your theme of ~I didn't hear solar, therefore Apple's building isn't green~. Really you are sounding a lot like the Greenpeace folks that said Apple was amongst the worst ecological computer makers because Apple wasn't kissing Greenpeace arse.

    All along Apple was the ecologocal leader, just because Apple didn't hand Greenpeace what they wanted didn't change that. Just like your not having the full planning documents doesn't suddenly make the new Apple building an ecological mess.

    Again with the strawman. Where did I say that the Apple building was an "ecological mess"? Did I say it "wasn't green"? I just said it does not appear to be the epitome of a green building. I may yet be proven wrong, in fact, I am happy to be.

    A "holier than thou attitude"? I guess that's your interpretation.

    My angle to "what Apple could do better" comes from thinking about what questions the city council should have asked during the presentation. I'm not out to vilify Apple.

    You and a few others seem to be getting quite emotional about any critique of Apple's new building. The whole point of the presentation was to gather feedback and input.

    As for Greenpeace and so on, you may be interested to know I find some of George Carlin's points in this video quite interesting:

    Critical thinking is more important than environmental ideology of one persuasion or the other.
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