New MacBook Airs, Mac minis feature Lion Internet Recovery disc-less repair



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    1. Take 8GB USB stick

    2. Restore Lion install DMG to USB stick

    3. Enjoy


    1. Take X GB USB hard drive

    2. Make MBR partition scheme for 8GB, XGB Fat32, XGB MacHFS

    3. Restore Lion install DMG to 8GB partition

    4. Enjoy


    1. Take X GB USB hard drive

    2. Make GUID partition scheme for 8GB, the rest MacHFS

    3. Restore Lion install DMG to 8GB partition

    4. Use the rest for Time Machine

    5. If anything fails, boot up from Lion DMG partition, restore from Time Machine

    6. Enjoy
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    Originally Posted by gregmacoy View Post

    Unfortunately across the globe high speed internet isn't always as reliable as everyone is making out, plus there are a lot of ISPs that impose download limits and bandwidth caps. It also seems unnecessary for the restore to happen over the internet. I can understand the shift away from CDs/DVDs but I think there should probably be more education/hand-holding of creating a back-up on external media. I certainly wouldn't like to assume that an average user is stupid because they don't inherently wake up with the knowledge of creating a bootable disk image

    See above. Technically that's the last step any average users need to know to be covered. Could Apple educate people more on this? Possibly, but in any case I recommend the last step I posted above as the best step. Making a bootable Lion partition on a USB drive and having the same drive as your Time Machine backup seems to be the best option for me, I do not trust Internet connections because where I am they are hideous. Going to Australia next month so it should be better but will not have cable or DSL broadband for a few months, only 3G, so, third option above still the best option for me.

    Wiping my Snow Leopard Time Machine backup now replacing with fresh Lion Time Machine backup. No point turning back now.
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    i try download lion build 11a2063 on macbook air new mid 2011

    by pressing cmd+R after few second have error: 1006f

    my internet connection is ok

    plz help

    if anybody have lion build 11a2063 plz share
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