Intel issues 'Ultrabook' reference specs with sub-$710 BOMs



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    aknabiaknabi Posts: 211member
    Original quote - "It is hard to believe how people can use such an anti-intuitive, awkward and malware-filled operating system as Windows is. Windows is basically maintained by inertia and ignorance.The day the Mac reaches 20% market share, Windows will be history in three years."

    much as I way prefer OS X to Windows, your party like it's 1999 fanboi rant is nonsense...

    I've had the chance to use Win7 and it's good... in many cases more intuitive than OS X... and Win7 is basically as secure os OS X (if a user is just careless they'll create problems on either)

    Of course zealots only see the world in one way
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    lukeilukei Posts: 378member
    As someone who many years ago was in the PC business and saw plenty of these BOMs from Intel I can tell you that the prices they talk about are not actually available even to Tier 1 PC vendors.
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