Apple unveils iPhone 4S with A5 CPU and 4G-like data speeds



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    Originally Posted by MauiJoe View Post

    I think it's great! Contracts are two years anyway so that puts everybody in two camps (not counting early up graders ) those who get the NEW model and those who get the S series. I think this makes it easier to swallow not upgrading till your contract is up. I am happy two be on the S schedule because I'm getting the more refined version. My 3GS has held up great but I have liked the form factor of the 4, can't wait for my new 4s.

    Ditto. I didn't get the 4 because I wanted to wait for the refined version. This seems to be it. I will do the same thing when the 5 comes out.
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    Originally Posted by airnerd View Post

    THIS is the best part of today. Sub $360 is a given today.

    Dude, welcome neewbie. The stock sell off on announce days is noting unusual.

    The iphone 4s is going to sell very nicely. 4G is not ready for primetime nukklehead. Any Android owner I know bitches how the battery needle goes to zero in a hour. Doh!
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    rob55rob55 Posts: 1,290member
    BTW, I feel it necessary to point out that Apple never promised us anything. It was all the tech blogs and news outlets that hyped up a mythical iPhone 5. Apple didn't make those teardrop renderings after all. So really, Apple just did what they've done in the past, announced an incremental update. Was there this much whining and moaning when the 3GS was announced?
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    Originally Posted by tcphoto View Post

    Absolutely underwhelming. Did Tim limp off the stage. Thanks Apple, you just saved me $200 because I'll save my upgrade money for something that is new, innovative and modern like a unibody iphone5.

    AppleInsider and MacRumors make "promises" that Apple has to deliver on. And you believed it. The cycle begins again tomorrow. Sigh.
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    jcozjcoz Posts: 251member
    Originally Posted by oneaburns View Post

    What a let down. Did they really need a big announcement for this???

    I love Apple but I'm not blindly in love with them like some of the people here that are getting offended people are disappointed. The iPhone 4 has been out a long time for a smart phone. A boost in speed and better camera??? What a bummer. Sorry Apple, but I'm not biting on this one. I really wanted a bigger screen...even if it was just a little bigger.

    I admit that I will continually be at least a little dissappointed until the iPhone receives a larger screen. Before any apple nut jumps on me for that, there are alot of sizes in between the iphone and the latest gigantic droid, and I'd trust apple to get it into the thinnest and smallest form factor when they do in fact go that route.

    In the mean time this is very much like the iPad 2 in that there is not quite enough umph here to induce everyone with a iP4 to grab the new iP4S.

    But it is a great update to the phone IF they nail iOS 5 and iCloud.

    I'm still really excited to get both next week. Just get it right apple.

    In the meantime I'll wait for the next iPhone hardware in 2012.
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    Originally Posted by alcstarheel View Post

    I was hoping for a 5. Oh well. As long as iOS5 and all the features work on my 4 I'm not upgrading until next year.

    AFAICT, Siri* requires the 4S.

    I couldn't think of a reason that the iPhone needed an A5. But with Siri, a better camera/videoCam I think it is needed/justified.

    I look at it this way -- my day 1 iP4 has lasted more than a year and I will hand it down to my daughter -- she's been using a 3G (since my granddaughter pulverized my daughter's 3GS).

    So, I'll be getting one.

    * For those of you who thing that Siri is just glorified voice commands -- couldn't be further from the truth. You can ask it questions and it keeps track of the conversation and can maintain a running dialog.

    Watch the Keynote video when it gets posted.

    Siri is a really big deal!

    Edit: From what I could tell from the liveblogs, Tim Cook and company ran a very tight and effective show. Congrats to all -- and to Steve for putting that team together!

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    Originally Posted by Granmastak View Post

    Really? I know two people here in the office with Evos and they're constantly charging them. One of them even changed the battery. Those things are big, ugly, the display looks faded out and despite the higher megapixel, the pictures look way inferior to the ones I take with the iPhone. Everything from color accuracy to shadows to fill light.....

    Suddenly you went from owning one to using your co-workers as an example?

    Anyhow, I could say the same about a professor of mine who asked me about why his iPhone 4 needed to be charged every few hours. He was in an area with a poor signal, which constantly puts a strain on the battery. Do I assume that every iPhone 4 has poor battery life because of this? No.

    I'm glad you think they're big and ugly, since they're only MARGINALLY bigger than the iPhone 4 (I'd bet the total volume difference is less than a cubic inch). And I take better pictures with my Evo than you do with your iPhone? Want to compare anything else over the internet?

    Originally Posted by amtwwg View Post

    I call BS. I've had an EVO since it was released and I have to carry 2 extra batteries around with me if I'm going to be away from a plug. It has the worst, bar none, battery life of any device out there.

    Either you're a fool with how you're taking care of your phone, or you're making this story up. I can promise you I charge my phone only when I go to bed despite the fact that I'm on it constantly throughout the day.
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    Originally Posted by Jetz View Post

    That said, most people (even those of us with 20/20) do find it easier to read on a bigger screen with bigger text. That's just reality.

    It's debatable though whether Apple will lose any sales for not upsizing the screen.

    Horse crap. People find reading better with higher pixel density. You can have the largest screen in the world, but with low pixel density you won't be making out the on-screen objects that well.

    Whine somewhere else.

    I'm glad I waited for this phone.
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    solipsismsolipsism Posts: 25,726member
    Originally Posted by Bwinski View Post

    This is BY FAR the worst announcement Apple has ever done... This is worse than MobileMe !!!

    AWFUL..JUST Crap...

    So you don't like the better cellular performance, the world mode option, the switchable smart antennas, the faster CPU, better graphics, or better camera megapxils, optics and sensors, or any of the other internal changes because the casing isn't different?

    And you don't like having Siri Assistant which looks to be many times faster and smarter than those server-side-only services, like Google has?
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    Why'd they name the voice recognition thing Siri? They should've called it Stevie.
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    Originally Posted by ndc121 View Post

    Since Verizon doesn't support HSDPA, does this mean (in theory) that the ATT 4S will have higher download speeds than Verizon's?

    Yes, and by far.

    AT&T iPhone 4=7.2mbs

    AT&T iPhone 4s=14.4mbs

    Verizon (or Sprint) iPhone 4=3mbs (and lacks data/voice multitasking)

    Verizon (or Sprint) iPhone 4s=3mbs (and still lacks data/voice multitasking)

    Of course these are theoretical speeds.
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    Originally Posted by NYitGuy View Post

    How much did you shell out for the iPhone 4?

    £500 pounds
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    Originally Posted by jragosta View Post

    You can pick up reading glasses at Walmart for $10.

    Apple isn't responsible for your vision problems.

    Ha! Some CEO you would make. I have 20/20 vision and the screen is a bit small at times, especially when compared to the newer droids.
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    Why is anyone surprised? Because of "leaks"

    This was obvious and it is Apple's pattern. Every other year is a design upgrade with a internal component upgrade on the opposite years.

    They're not trying to get IP4 owners to upgrade. They do a two year cycle. I had a 3G and went to the 4. People with the 3GS will go to the 4S.

    The phone has nice upgrades that make it an awesome phone. Especially coming from a 3G.
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    trip1extrip1ex Posts: 109member
    All the whiners want to do is check boxes. They could care less if the sht works or not. OR how well it works. Or if it really matters. They just need to check each box so they can say they brag on the internets in 5 words or less.
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    Originally Posted by Eddie_YVP View Post

    Ditto. I didn't get the 4 because I wanted to wait for the refined version. This seems to be it. I will do the same thing when the 5 comes out.

    I can see that except the retina display and upgraded camera were not something I would have wanted to wait for.

    I dont think I'm going to regret missing Siri for the next year as much as I would have those two features.
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    Originally Posted by Tallest Skil View Post

    "4G-like", of course, being a term for HSPA+.

    Still regular HSPA.

    HSPA+ is speeds from 21bps->. In reality though, full speed HSPA (up to 14.4Mbps) and basic HSPA+ (21Mbps) offer the same practical speed. MIMO or Dual Cell would improve from this, but require more from the networks to be really plausible. Maybe iPhone5?

    Regs, Jarkko
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    cgjcgj Posts: 276member
    Impressed with Siri, disappointed that there is no redesign. Overall I am happy with the update.

    October 2011 "Apple Events" is coming soon.
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    Originally Posted by bettieblue View Post

    For iPhone 4 users that had no real antenna problems, almost all of what you quote that is better....was not broken. The iPhone 4 was fast enough. The camera worked fine for casual pictures etc.


    This is a SMART move by Apple. This phone is a bridge product to the real 4G upgrade is ready for primetime.

    Apple in no way could have released a phone to the huge fricking market it has gathered only to be a battery DUD like ALL the current 4G phones on the market.

    Smart move means let people on Droids get pissed at shit 4G performance and Apple becomes a KING MAKER again when it PERFECTS the battery life and experience that 4G will command, when the networks are ready. Classic APPLE move. Apparently you don't know their game. Doh. Let others fail and perfect the experience. That's Apple

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    Does anyone know if Siri will work on an iPhone 4?
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