Apple co-founder Steve Jobs dies



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    slapppyslapppy Posts: 331member
    So sad....
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    Sell sell sell!!!!

    Goodbye apple stocks!
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    yuusharoyuusharo Posts: 311member
    However you feel about the man or his company, no one can deny that Steve Jobs changed the world in how we communicate with each other and with technology. We have lost one of the greatest of our lifetime. I honestly cannot fully process this news right now.

    My heart goes to his family and all who was close to him. You will be missed, Steve.
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    That was a bit of a sudden. A great loss is all I can say, religious belief differences aside.

    Yesterday's presentation was the last best gift he could get regardless of the quality. He knows Tim can handle it.

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    jetzjetz Posts: 1,293member
    RIP Steve. You were a true visionary and a gift to the world.
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    eacummeacumm Posts: 93member
    Now heaven will get to know what a real APPLE is. RIP Mr. Steve Jobs.
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    msuberlymsuberly Posts: 230member
    Rest in peace, Mr. Jobs.
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    monstrositymonstrosity Posts: 2,234member
    Oh no. Very sad day
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    R.I.P. Steve and thanks for everything you gave to the world. God bless.
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    R.I.P Apple, you are nothing without him.
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    Thanks for bringing originality, vision and just plain balls into world awash in mediocrity. Your Stanford speech was a model for me and I will always have you as an example to follow as I think of new ways of being and not settling for anything less than my own personal vision.

    This world will miss you.

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    hhphhp Posts: 5member
    May your soul rest in peace Steve.

    iUniverse will surely MISS you.
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    mactelmactel Posts: 1,275member
    Oh my! That is truly sad. My heart goes out to the family.
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    tony1tony1 Posts: 259member
    Wow, just not sure what to say. Seriously sad, but grateful for everything that he contributed.
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    Rip our dear great leader you would be missed

    My condolences to the family of Mr.Jobs

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    negafoxnegafox Posts: 480member
    Sad day indeed. Something seem amiss when Steve stepped down. He was Apple.
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    ikolikol Posts: 369member

    just terrible.

    Thank you for all you gave us.
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    A deeply sad, even if inevitable, day.

    Thank you, sir, for being such a gift.

    See you up there, some day. \
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    iguesssoiguessso Posts: 132member
    My all time favorite quote:

    "It's not our customers' job to know what they want."
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