Apple Board of Directors at 'crossroads' after death of Steve Jobs



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    Originally Posted by bcode

    Perhaps the worst idea I've heard yet. Zuckerberg understands nothing about Apple culture.

    There is a reason Steve and him had one meeting, and one meeting only. He's a prick, and Steve knew it.

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    haha agreed! I presumed the poster was being sarcastic

    Agree, zuckerberg is the wrong personality. A touch of the sociopathic.

    Well, then, hows about a nice Buddhist boy? I am starting to wonder if Buddhism may indeed have been a huge contributor to Steve's outlook and genius.. It suits the modern age so much better. If only the Chinese knew it, they would be building Buddha statues instead of Bruce Lee statues. They should stop ravaging Tibet and realize what a cultural treasure chest it is. I hope they wake up in time to salvage the last of the precious documents from Tibetan Buddhism.

    Well, Steve liked the Japanese Zen flavor best, but they are all good.

    Myself, I'm going to go and study it anew. In fact, it's the only religion I really like.
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