Steve Jobs biography on pace to become Amazon's best seller of 2011



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    Originally Posted by Slurpy View Post

    I wish there was a thread where readers could discuss the content.

    There should be a button somewhere on the forum that lets you do that. Hang on I'll go find it and get back to you.
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    A great interview with Walter Isaacson on Terry Gross's "Fresh Air" on NPR today. with a brilliant piece by our favorite applied linguist Geoff Nunberg at the end, not to be missed by any Apple big-picturist.
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    I ordered it today and I am looking forward to reading it.I heard that he had 40 interviews with the writer. The book will be awesome.

    Casey Mahoney Brad P
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    Originally Posted by bloggerblog View Post

    Similarly, Isaacson has as much detail as Steve Jobs was willing to produce.

    He actually has a lot more detail than that - including from people who dislike Steve Jobs.

    Your point is absurd, and not true.
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    Amazon sent mine to me, yaye! Delivery date, 28 of NOVEMBER?!!!!

    /me goes into hibernation.
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    Originally Posted by Feynman View Post

    I whole heartily agree. I mean...when you think back all the years when Steve Jobs was back at Apple and all the products he launched and all the anticipation us as Mac users had for "The Next Big Thing" from Apple/Steve Jobs, there was still so much more to come!

    Don't worry. Someone will come up pretty soon that will bring fun back into the game. Maybe intelligent spectacles (glasses), or fun robots, who knows. It's a fact of mankind that a genius leaves so that new geniuses may grow. I think someone will come, and Steve would have loved what he'll build.
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