South Korean carriers flooded with 200K one-day iPhone 4S pre-orders



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    I'm describing the behavior and not trying to drive anyone out. They want to drive some members out of this forum because they don't accept alternative perspectives. Look up xenophobia in Wikipedia and this is what you'll find: "Xenophobia can manifest itself in many ways involving the relations and perceptions of an ingroup towards an outgroup, including a fear of losing identity, suspicion of its activities, aggression, and desire to eliminate its presence to secure a presumed purity." Some of them want a purely Apple-loving group here, and everyone else out. I have no such motive. So I don't think my behavior is anything like theirs.

    They like to pretend to be intellectually superior. Let's face it, the next Nobel Prize winner is not hanging around in here 24/7 like some of them do. Furthermore, attacking other people's intellect using an offensive term that marginalizes a disadvantaged group in society (a group that cannot defend themselves) is behavior that needs to be admonished.

    But you're right that this is getting off topic.

    No one is trying to drive anyone out. You might be taking this a bit too seriously. But I too find the term retarded rather offensive.

    Let's all get along, or move onto next topic?
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    Originally Posted by Apple ][ View Post

    I actually have a friend who has a severely mentally disabled brother. I would never call my friend's brother a retard, because he has more intelligence than some of the Fandroids and Apple haters who are here. I'm also pretty sure that the severely mentally disabled brother of my friend could accurately predict that a product like the iPad would be an enormous success and not a flop.

    I am going off topic but..

    The iPad has turned out to be a fantastic tool for teaching kids with learning disabilities, autism or retardation. What was not expected is that some kids classified as retarded are far smarter then they were originally thought to be. Why? Because with the correct programs the iPad has helped them communicate in way's that were not possible before.

    There is a video on the interwebz of a teenager that could not vocalize and lacked the fine motor control necessary to write. He used to communicate primarily using charades and gestures. Watching him effortlessly communicate using the iPad and the look of pure happiness on his face while using it made even my evil black heart feel all warm and fuzzy.

    As a side note- the kids using this are not being assisted in the manner that kids doing that assisted typing thing. This is purely them not some assistant subconsciously typing for them.
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    Originally Posted by quinney View Post

    After you look up alliteration, look up Argumentum ad populum.

    Damn it! I actually had to go and look that term up.

    Turns out I was acquainted with the concept but not that particular term.

    Learn something new every day.
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    Originally Posted by solipsism View Post

    I agree with what you say but the OP didn't allow that to be an option. I'd say that last week's comment of the Google executive pooh-poohing Siri was the lie, not Schmidt's words to the DoJ. Siri doesn't use any of Google's services except mapping which we know Apple is working on replacing.

    Well, if she doesn't know or understand the question doesn't she default to searching the web using Google (or Moogle as I like to call them)?
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    Originally Posted by Constable Odo View Post

    I remember so well when the iPhone first came out in 2007 and how so many know-it-alls and pundits were saying that the iPhone would never sell in significant numbers in Korea because they said that the Korean feature-phones were so superior to the iPhone. How that has changed in a couple of years. I think more Korean consumers would purchase smartphones, but the carriers are messing with their services by keep content proprietary. \

    I seem to recall that it was both Korea and Japan where the phone's were so sophisticated (really just very gimmicky imho) that those users would never use such a simple phone. I can't speak to how carriers restrict (ed) services.

    After the original iPhone was introduced I was not sure if I could ever afford one. But, the one thing I was sure of, was that phone was going to be a huge success and change the way we use our phones. The only thing I felt that might limit its success at that time was the price.
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    Originally Posted by stelligent View Post

    I'm describing the behavior and not trying to drive anyone out...

    Aye yi yi, I guess I need to spell out the remark much more clearly than I thought:

    The statement "...high school girlish and xenophobic characterization" contains a characterization of high school girls, thereby committing (at a trivial level) the very wrong it seeks to criticize.

    Trivial stuff. Moving on...
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