Apple-approved iTether iPhone app bypasses carrier tethering plans



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    Originally Posted by jonro View Post

    What I really want is a way to tether my iPad to my iPhone. If it can't do that, it's not very useful for me.

    You can. I use it all the time, because I read the fine print and chose a service where tethering was supported free of charge.

    The only reason it might not work in the US is because short-sighted carriers offered plans with unlimited data which they are now trying to claw back using every mechanism at their disposal.

    It's interesting that US carriers responded to iMessage by upping the one-size-fits-all access fee. They are driving customers onto a service that directly diminishes the carrier's clout in the long term. Carriers elsewhere simply offered free unlimited text messaging, making iMessage irrelevant. I know which approach is smarter.
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    Apple Pulls iTether


    Submitted by phankinson on Tue, 11/29/2011 - 14:22

    Around 12PM EST, Apple called our head office to let us know they were going to go ahead and pull our app iTether from the App Store. They stated it was because the app itself burdens the carrier network, however they offered us no way to remedy the solution? We were very clear when listing the app what the primary function was and they even followed up with several questions and requested a video demo then they approved the application.

    We strongly disagree that it burdens a carrier?s network, as from our own data history on more than 500,000 users we know the average user consumes less than 200 MBs of data per month on Tether. In comparison, one TV show streamed from Netflix, an approved Apple App, could easily be in the 300-400 MBs range. Sure, there are some users that will consume way more than the average however that?s the case with any of these types of products.

    Our team is very disappointed in Apple?s decision; as we strongly believe we help carriers better monetize their data stream by pushing customers into new data tiers further increasing their bottom-line. It is very anti-competitive to not allow any Tethering application to enter into this space to innovate. Our team has created a lot of innovative solutions for the BlackBerry product, which we were hoping to port over to the iPhone like end-to-end encryption, compression, website filtering and port filtering.

    According to Apple, users who purchase iTether before it was pulled will continue to be able to use the product.

    Our team is evaluating all of our options? Stay tuned.

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    Originally Posted by AppleInsider View Post

    But unlike previous jailbreak solutions, the iTether offering was approved by Apple for sale in its controlled App Store environment. Its removal confirms the approval was an error.

    /29/apple_approved_itether_iphone_app_bypasses_carrier _tethering_plans.html][ View this article at ][/url][/c]

    Does not confirm this at all - this is quite a partisan assumption
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    Originally Posted by Hodar View Post

    I travel with my iPad, and am forced to pay $20/month to Hotspot the iPad.

    Wish that there was a tether plan that would allow me to tether my iPad to my iPhone.

    Jailbreak. It works quite well for me
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    Originally Posted by SDW2001 View Post

    Totally agree. I am grandfathered into the unlimited plan (for now). But even at 2GB--my new limit---why should they care how I use it? I actually would like to see some legal action here. They are basically charging twice for the same product.

    This doesn't make sense
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    Originally Posted by huntson View Post

    Jailbreak. It works quite well for me

    Until AT&T finds out and adds the plan to your plan.
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    Originally Posted by Tallest Skil View Post

    It's not free in the U.S. We have to pay double for tethering.

    On every carrier?

    We have a few that gouge customers here too. Rogers in particular (which is essentially AT&T Canada) charges an awful lot for very little, with extra fees for everything. But we also have several carriers that have 'one price' data plans -- downloads, web browsing, email, texts, tethering, you name it, all included, all unlimited.
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    Originally Posted by bsenka View Post

    On every carrier?

    Yeah. Our carriers collude, so plan prices are identical regardless of your provider.
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    Internet works good, unfortunately Cisco Anyconnect fails at the very end of the connection setup with a generic error.
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    People that need mobile internet for their laptop or tablet for professional reasons have already acquired and implemented their solutions. Every one else complaining about this are people the *might* use tethering ever once in a while for personal or non-professional-level reasons and are too cheap to acquire and implement the solutions true professionals use.

    Non-issue. Stop crying.

    It's like the people that use Photoshop as part of their "workflow" but have not actually, legitimately purchased Photoshop. Real Pros buy their copy.
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    Originally Posted by vandil View Post

    It's like the people that use Photoshop as part of their "workflow" but have not actually, legitimately purchased Photoshop. Real Pros buy their copy.

    Not all 'pros' behave professionally. Many businesses will save money where ever they can get away with it, especially in this economy. I know plenty of people who make their living from Photoshop who don't pay for it. I even know of a service bureau that never paid for any of their software.
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