The next ten years of Mac OS X



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    Originally Posted by Firefly7475 View Post

    "Hatred" of Apple?!?! It's just a company mate, you need to get some perspective!!!

    I couldn't really care less about "the company" Apple. When they make cool stuff I buy it. That's about the extent of our relationship!

    Admit it Firefly... you take a photo of a Mac IIFX to bed with you every night...
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    Originally Posted by island hermit View Post

    Oh, c'mon man... stick around and laugh it off. There's a certain amount of entertainment value in having your every word dissected and then mistranslated in the most bizarre ways.

    Occasionally you actually learn something new, which is an added benefit.

    That's what forums are all about. Right...

    I don't take it personally, and it is worth hearing different opinions and ideas, especially since i'm mostly a Microsoft user, but I try to be open and objective to Apple. That said most people don't learn much in these forums, but arguments are always more intersting when people are passionate about their beliefs, even if their can't be a logical conclusion

    I do wish for less severe platform advocates, I know their is a lot of people who use multiple platforms, and can see pros and cons either side, but in some places on the internet sometimes a reader can get the sense their is a bias...Given this is an Apple fan (or stock owner reassurance) site, this is especially expected. I have a sense from reading some Windows/Microsoft blogs, that their is a propensity for Apple users to have stronger opinions, and deride the competition more, while also wanting to know what the competition is up to more (well at least on AppleInsider, which seems to cover everything related to Windows) - but this is only my opinion.

    My main reason for reading this site, is to get a sense what the Apple community is thinking about the industry and tech news, occasionly I feel inclined to read some comments, and very rarely do I actually comment. I do so knowing I will be drawn into a spiral, and at some point you have to stop....which is now...until I read some other post in the future that interests me enough...
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    ? is pretty short:

    1) iOS notifications in OSX. Growl is fine, but we need the *same* system in both OSes and all apps.

    2) FaceTime and iMessages integrated into iChat. FT should already be there, why they made a separate app is a mystery to me. (do I want SMS in iChat? I can't decide)

    3) a voice-over-ip system in both OSes. Basically just FaceTime with the camera turned off. Combine this with the optional ability to call non-VOIP lines through a 3rd party VOIP provider of your choosing (i.e., gateway the calls from the FT central server to whatever VOIP protocol the provider uses). Apple could be that provider, but I suspect their carrier partners would be mucho-pissed.

    4) A "presence" system that works. I'm using my Mac right now with the iPhone on the table. I want it so when I'm using the Mac the notifications/chat requests/etc go there, and when I put my mac to sleep it goes to the phone.
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    bregaladbregalad Posts: 816member
    Originally Posted by 11thIndian View Post

    I'm really surprised to not see more articles/discussions like this after the launch of 10.7.

    To put it in the most simplified terms, if you're naming your OS releases after big cats, shouldn't Lion logically be the "last" release of it's kind, as the "King of the beasts?".

    This is an enormously simple observation to put forward as evidence; but really... what do you call the next release after Lion? Do you switch animals? Or is this the end of the line for OSX as we get ready for OS11.

    I'd say that if we don't get some kind of tease of 10.8 at either WWDC or a special event by the end of the year, that to me would be a sign that something more significant is in the works.

    By far the slowest version of OS X was code named after the fastest cat, the Cheetah, and a tiger is far larger and more powerful than a leopard so I'd argue that the code names are essentially meaningless. Apple will probably just switch to using reptiles or raptors and keep the OS X brand.

    There's one big error in the article that's often repeated elsewhere: the idea that iCloud reduces the need for local storage.

    While that may be true for media purchased from iTunes, it's completely wrong for user generated data. Unlike Google Docs where the one and only copy of your work lives on the internet, iCloud functions like a sync system, automagically copying your work to all your chosen devices. That increases the need for local storage because documents that would otherwise exist on a single device now exist on all synced devices.

    iCloud doesn't eliminate the need to backup your data either. Any intended change to a document is automatically pushed to all your synced devices meaning that instead of 1 bad file and 3 older backups you wind up with 4 copies of the bad file. Some applications support the Versions feature in Lion making rolling back relatively pain free, but such documents are larger than those created by applications that don't support versioning. In the case of file corruption your only recourse is to restore from backup.
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    Originally Posted by Braden99 View Post

    What about sabretooth? The best logical follow up, and the coolest looking cat of all

    "Chessie Cat" seems more appropriate... It, just mostly disappears...

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    bc kellybc kelly Posts: 148member

    AppleInsider and Daniel Eran Dilger

    Very impressive Series you're doing

    Re-cap, overview, summation, etc

    And predictions

    Of Apple, OSX, iThingys, etc etc

    Thank You for your work, for these offerings

    Will look forward to reading and studying them

    Give them the proper 'digestion' they deserve

    And then will leave some comments, thoughts


    Yes Folks, like a Fine Dinner - do not rush

    These Articles are comprehensive and detailed

    Not some McDonalds Happy Meal

    Later, BC


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    Originally Posted by bwik View Post

    It used to be exciting when Apple used to focus on, you know. Computing.

    What do they focus on now? Did Apple go into the diary products market while I was asleep?
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