Former Apple CEO John Sculley says he never fired co-founder Steve Jobs



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    Shockingly bounded vision exhibited here by yourself, Dr. M., though I agree about the Renaissance.

    Simple logic should let you see that each connected computer is not only a printing press but a library that encompasses, or will encompass, all the world's printed materials. Then add sound and picture and moving picture. Then add instant search and indexing. Do I need to go on?

    The computer is to the printed book as the printed book is to the hand-lettered papyrus scroll. To think otherwise is perhaps to betray a sentimental over-attachment to a venerable ancestral technology?

    We can use another Renaissance, since we're still saddled with the main Creation myths that belonged to the Dark Ages. I think Steve Jobs had a new Enlightenment in mind when he talked about changing the world.

    Ps. I'm not one to short sell the effects of the Gutenberg revolution. The book and other forms of print created individualism, authorship, readership, democracy 2.0, along with the Reformation, the Enlightenment, the Renaissance, and the scientific revolution. But we ain't seen nothing yet. The next revolution, based on having essentially all the world's knowledge past and present in your pocket, could be called the Jobsian revolution in times to come. That's why I think comparisons with Walt Disney, Edison or Ford are too slight and cheap toward what Jobs accomplished.

    You are a person after my own heart. So true, so true...the sooner we leave the myths of the Dark Ages behind the sooner we make leaps and bounds of inner peace as a species. The next revolution may well be called Jobsian. To think, Isaccson thought it a bit presumptuous of Jobs to call him and ask him to write his biography!

    There was a reason Jobs was a Buddhist. The Buddha could rightly be called the world's first psychologist. When kings and priests asked the Buddha, 'are you a god, are you an angel? What are you?' The Buddha answered 'I am Awake'.

    May the entire world wake up with the aid of the tiny icomputer in their hands!
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    Sculley is a great corporate executive. He's great at defending himself too now that the truth is out in retrospect. The guy's a corporate suit and he knows how to survive in the corporate environment. Steve was an innovator, an inventor, a hippie who was able to be in power to control a company again, but only after much hardship.

    I don't feel bad for Sculley at all and I won't leave any flowers for him when he dies.
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