Labor advocate challenges accuracy of NYT report on Apple, Foxconn



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    If you're going to have the nerve to disagree with me, be less lazy next time and back up your disagreement with something besides insults.

    Sure! These are from this thread, which you would see if you had read. The two dozen other recent threads about Foxconn, et. al. show similar stuff, but since you didn't read this one, I don't expect you to read the others.

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    What is the average wage in China? What is the cost of living in China? Do they have to pay to sleep in the dorms or is that free? Do they have to pay for their company meals? None of that is addressed in the article. Young people coming in from the countryside farms wouldn't need to pay for an apartment if they're sleeping in the facility and they eat there too apparently.

    If you know anyone whose been to China you would know that everything there is dirt cheap. $12 per day may not be enough for them to buy the iPhones that they build but it may be a very livable wage in China. On what grounds are you saying this isn't a decent wage?

    Check average monthly salaries for numerous industries in China and you'll see the Foxconn employees are doing really well at $12 a day.

    Tax accountants in the US probably work close to 20 hour days frequently leading up to April 15th, is that slave labor?

    Again, you have no idea what slave labor is if you think this is "a step up" from it. People are on huge waiting lists for the opportunity to work at Foxconn. Please show us one person who has ever asked to be a slave laborer.

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    I hereby resign from your World.

    By now you should have figured out that mobile electronics "production facilities" as you call them (manufacturing or assembly or what?) are part of an ecosystem that only exists in Japan, Taiwan, China, Korea, Thailand, etc.

    That's where the parts come from, the expertise in manufacturing is there -- generations of making stuff like video cameras that never were made in America -- so are you asking Tim Cook to buy Asia and import it to Texas?

    Why is this so hard to grasp? I believe people in this miserable media-flogged country can only think in memes, slogans and sound bites.

    Try to think in terms of systems -- you'll be happier. Or just try to think.

    Foxconn did it in Brazil? Ok, get Foxconn to build an ASSEMBLY PLANT in the third-world country of Texas. That I could believe logistically, but not the economics of it.

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    For another view - from someone who has direct experience:

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    From our friends at 9 to 5 Mac.

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    Don't be ridiculous.


    How about you get bent.

    No, no, YOU are the one who is spouting insults.
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    It was a hit piece, plain and simple. Apple's earnings were through the roof and the story was waiting in the wings until after the quarterly report. Don't know who is behind a lot of these auspiciously timed "news" stories about Apple, but they always seem to hit when Apple is at a peak. Are people wanting to short the stock that badly?

    I agree that this NYT article is inaccurate and biased. What I do not understand is how the stock market benefits -- and I would really like to understand. Would you please expound on how traders/Wall Street can benefit by trouncing a company's reputation?

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