Rumor: Apple to hold 'strange' event in Feb. ahead of March third-gen iPad launch



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    Originally Posted by monstrosity View Post

    A keynote without Steve, that's what's gonna be "strange' to me.

    To be correct, it wouldn't be a keynote. It is simply an event in itself.

    A keynote is the "main" speech/presentation of a bigger event. MacWorld and CES have keynotes.
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    Why does AppleInsider use EVERY ARTICLE no matter how unrelated to iPad to repeat the same unsubstantiated rumor of an iPad with a retina display, LTE, quad core processor, meat grinder, and wine bottle opener?

    It's like, "Tim Cook ordered pizzas for lunch today, but the delivery boy took 45 minutes to deliver the pizza and Tim wouldn't pay for it, leading the delivery boy to tweet how evil Apple was. The tweet was geo-located at 1 Infinite Loop, where it is believed that Apple is preparing the launch of the iPad 3, with retina display, LTE, quad core processor, meat grinder, and wine bottle opener."
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    Originally Posted by AppleInsider View Post

    A new Japanese report has clarified earlier claims of an Apple event in February with the cryptic details that Apple will hold a "Strange" event in February and a Special Event to launch the third-generation iPad in early March.

    Macotakara claimed last month that Apple would hold an event in February to unveil the so-called "iPad 3" and iOS 5.1, citing both an Asian supplier and a source in the U.S. However, blogger Danbo has now corrected the original claim as only telling a "half-side of truth."


    Apple will not hold a strange event in February?
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