Mike Daisey apologizes for his exaggerations and falsehoods involving Apple in China



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    Originally Posted by lostkiwi View Post

    What has happened to that petition that was set up blasting Apple for working conditions?

    It was pretty much in reaction to this guy's "work".

    There'a an interesting story about that.

    Change.org had a petition up that was full of outright lies and got several hundred thousand signatures. Then, after receiving all the signatures, they changed the wording of the petition to remove some of the more obvious lies, but the content was dramatically changed. Yet they submitted the petition as if everyone had agreed to the new wording.

    Then, someone created a petition at change.org demanding that they remove the old petition because it was based on obvious lies. Change.org removed this petition rather than correct their errors.
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    Originally Posted by BuzDots View Post


    Fatass SOB should be relegated to cleaning urinals in theaters.

    Art? What he does is not art, it's BS of the worst smelling kind. These kind of actions should not be tolerated by any business or society.

    Either that, or we should go to the show and piss outside the urinals. Why is this theatre even still supporting him?
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    Originally Posted by Doctor David View Post

    I actually am concerned with all the overweight problems we have in the U.S. but I'm often more concerned with the asshole problem we have.

    Looks like you get a twofer with this loser.
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