IDC projects Windows Phone to surpass Apple's iPhone by 2016



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    Come on 'Insider... We know that page hits are important - but this article is about as newsworthy as Steve J. is now living with Elvis in a trailer in Arizona.  Yes we are all free to believe what we want.. but some reasonable test should be applied before repeating drivel and calling it news.  Here is a new story for you. "Apple to quit designing computers and move into the breaking industry of organic farming.... Ives quits in disgust as he wanted to do macro-biotics instead... Film at 11:00..."  that has as much street cred as Windows world domination in phone OS market share.

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    mac_dogmac_dog Posts: 1,022member



    had a really stressful day at work.

    thanks for the laugh, idc!

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    freerangefreerange Posts: 1,595member
    Laughable! IDC is totally full of shit!
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    bushman4bushman4 Posts: 847member

    Bold call. Hard to make considering that  Windows 8 is not out yet nor is Apples new IOS6.  Too many variables involved here and this would be a guess at best. I don't see IDC mentioning any reason or logic to their prediction.  Pure speculation at best.

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    retrogustoretrogusto Posts: 1,031member

    Sure, but only if they re-brand it as a Zune phone. That's the only way this could happen.


    (OK, not everyone can be as funny as IDC)

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    beltsbearbeltsbear Posts: 314member
    I do not think this prediction would be possible even if Windows Phone was good! And since it is quite far behind and has no real app market to speak of, 10% of the market would be a real win for Microsoft. Right now, Microsoft is the 'rounding error' they described that Apple would be.
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    Originally Posted by Negafox View Post

    The history and rivalry between Direct3D and OpenGL in the mid-90s says differ.

    That's nearly 20 years ago...two decades...that's like a century in technology time....140 dog-years.

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    Originally Posted by FreeRange View Post

    Laughable! IDC is totally full of shit!

    When IDC is not making predictions, they are writing religious fiction for Ron L. Hubbard's tax shelter.

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    Originally Posted by myapplelove View Post

    there are many, many variables at play to make an informed prediction, but there is a very fair chance windows phones will match ios's market share in 4 years, of course profits is another issue ;). I think it's the apple bias here that won't allow people to believe otherwise.

    It doesn't take an Apple bias to see that Microsoft is screwed. Later this year they will release their beta OS8 on the world. It will be available on various beta phones and tablets that will have close to zero apps available. Meanwhile Apple will be releasing their SIXTH generation iOS which has been further polished to integrate the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and OSX and Windows. 


    Everyone will have stars in their eyes over the OS8 hype and all it is supposed to do ... until it becomes evident that it's all a work in progress. Especially compared to Apple's close integration between hardware, software, the iCloud, iTunes, the App Store, the Mac Store, and whatever-else that will be revealed at WWDC next week. 


    Since Apple announced the iPhone Microsoft has (1) declared their WinMo phones to be a better thing before killing it off, (2) released and killed the KIM phone line, (3) released the WinMo7, (4) only to announce that will be killed and replaced with WinMo8 later this year. 


    In addition, (5) Apple has released three generations of iPads since the date Ballmer stood sweating profusely at CES holding a barely functional H.P. tablet, that H.P. killed off before manufacturing. 


    I don't see Microsoft having a "fair chance" at making any headway against their nearly six year delay at this market... especially with that tasteless Metro interface.

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    Originally Posted by hlevolve View Post

    ... I have used windows since version 3.1. I know every living detail of windows where I don't know the innards of OSX enough to even mention. Just saying, don't try one version of something and try to act like OSX or Apple is the only way to go for the rest of your life...


    In this new century it is no longer necessary to know the "innards" of a computer OS any more then you need to be a telephone repairman to operate an iPhone, or be an auto mechanic to drive a car. 


    Fixing registries, installing drivers, doing tune-ups, and defraging drives are no longer necessary with a modern OS. It's like a toaster, you use it and go on your way. 

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    kyle172kyle172 Posts: 64member
    The person who obviously made these predictions did not own a iPhone. It reminds The stereotype IT PC guy. Who claims to know everything then tends to talk over you anytime you mention anything Apple or mac related. In which he probably never even had any physical contact or career experience with a Apple product, Then he gives you his opinion next. Like he's right everybody should listen to his and opinion and his opinion is the only one that matters
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    Originally Posted by geekdad View Post

    "Market analysts at IDC estimate that the share of handsets running Microsoft's Windows Phone will grow to take nearly 20 percent of the market by 2016 at the expense of Apple's iOS and Google's Android."

    oh yes........and I am going to win the lotto tomorrow too.......


    Do you happen to know if you'll win enough to personally buy 20% of the market for WP8 by 2016? Because as far as I can tell, IDC is counting on it as part of their forecasts! :)

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    Originally Posted by Macky the Macky View Post



    I don't see Microsoft having a "fair chance" at making any headway against their nearly six year delay at this market... especially with that tasteless Metro interface.


    But wait, there's more! How about that ultra-cluttered Explorer ribbon monstrosity? Ballmer FTW!

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    sanathsanath Posts: 1member

    when will IDC ever stop predicting


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    monstrositymonstrosity Posts: 2,234member

    What a joke!

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    I want the names of these "analysts" made public, so when the predictions are,so badly skewed we can make fun of them and never,ever take any thing they say as serious.

    As for wp7...they predict M$ to overtake Apple? I guess,you dom't need customers to actuallyown the phone as long as it is sitting somewhere collecting dust, it gets marketshare. But we won't see RIM or Nokia by 2016 anyway, so this whole bunch of crap is just that... Crap.
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    tcaseytcasey Posts: 199member

    its amazing what cash and a wild imagination can get you.

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    drdoppiodrdoppio Posts: 1,132member

    I could picture WP at 20% of the market even by 2014. Don't forget they won't be marketing only premium devices but also cheaper phones in the $200-$300 pre-paid range. This will surely go down well in Asia where Nokia still has a strong presence and where the biggest growth is expected. With HTC and Samsung also making WP phones, it seems feasible...

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    cowaecowae Posts: 2member

    Nice! Bookmark this and prepare your chowder award to IDC in 4 yrs time.

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    For the CAGR numbers in table market share mentioned for 2016 will happen in 2017 and not 2016. 


    It's all fiction anyways so doesn't really matter.

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