Google admits Chrome bug responsible for crashing MacBook Airs



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    Originally Posted by fredaroony View Post

    That's happened to me exactly zero times in my history of using computers. Are you seriously saying users are installing Chrome without their knowledge?


    No, you are intentionally misreading, a skill you have repeatedly proven to be very adept at.   It doesn't matter how many times a fictitious thing does not happen to you, it only matters if the real thing happens to others.   I do state that the defaults can change essentially unbeknownst to many users.


    I have assisted PC users who have no clue what browser is opening and don't care.  At least until the newly defaulted browser doesn't have the expected certificates installed and a website won't open up.  Then they go "I never chose that!".

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    Originally Posted by JeffDM View Post

    I agree, a lot of software installers try to install toolbars, and many do it in very sneaky ways. There are a lot of people that aren't paying any attention to what they're doing, but that's besides the point: I've never seen a case where a user installed a web browser without deliberately wanting it. For that, I would have to say *Citation Needed. I won't say it's impossible, but seems unlikely that it's happened very often. A toolbar is a very small piece of data, maybe can be made to fit several kb, a web browser is hundreds of megabytes.

    @fredaroony is intentionally misstating my previous post, he does this regularly with many posters who do not agree with his astroturf.  Maybe he should have the citation needed before you or anyone else believe anything he says.

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    Originally Posted by SixPenceRicher View Post

    So now I need to find another reason why my Win 7 machine continues to freeze and blue screen, because "Windows 7 is so reliable"?!  I keep hearing people say how much more reliable Win 7 is, yet as a daily user, I find Win 7 incredibly unreliable and an operating system that requires a substantial amount of maintenance just to keep the bloody thing running.  I don't think there has been a single week which hasn't required a reboot of my Win 7 machine, including, yes, system freezes.  


    Over the past year, the ONLY two issues I've had with my MBA have been (a) the occasional freezes, apparently caused by Chrome [which I've stopped using for now], and (b) some annoying Thunderbolt Display problems which now seem to be lingering in the past.  I don't know that the freeze issue that I'm having is a kernel panic, per se, because the system continues to operate with cursor movement, but I simply can't do anything (as opposed to the traditional grey-screen kernel panic which literally halts the machine with a pretty message).  


    Regardless of how applications "should" behave, and errors "should" be handled by the underlying operating system, these things are complex beasts, and both Windows 7 and OS X can benefit from improvements to ALWAYS prevent applications in user-land from killing the machine.

    Amen to that. I always have this one crash a day problem. sometimes it even becomes 3 crashes a day for a troubled week.

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